Training Transition helps women to get out there


Here is a post from a local pro-triathlete Rachel, she is a mother of two and the founder of Training Transition.

People often ask me, ‘how do you do it – look after your 1 and 3 year old, work, keep your house in some kind of order and still have time to train and compete at an elite level in triathlons – and with no family close by?’ I think it’s a combination of a lot of things that allow me to train on top of my busy family life. I’d say that the biggest factor is to make fitness a part of your life. You and others will benefit from this. When you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle, it’s easier to fit everything in – and you will have more energy and vitality to cope with daily demands. Training Transition is a swim / bike / run outdoor fitness program developed for women to incorporate fitness into your schedule. Moms with young children are also welcome – we have a great childcare.

Training Transition provides an environment that will allow you to reach your fitness goals and at the same time actually make you more efficient, as your fitness level increases. It is more than just a training service – it provides a fun, supportive environment for women of all ages and abilities. Training Transition helps women to get out there and swim (at the Encinitas YMCA), bike, run and or walk (from local playgrounds) with other women of similar levels – and a qualified trainer.

Why not make it your goal to complete a triathlon or a personal best time in a running race? For the Moms, it also provides a playgroup for their children, where they play with other children of similar ages (and also with the careers!) in an environment where they love to be – the playground. For more about Training Transition go to: or call Rachel 760 529 1968

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