Vandalism Editorial

San Elijo Hills,

I think it’s time for the community of San Elijo Hills to speak out against vandalism.

There has been repeated destruction of the San Elijo Hills entry monument, as well as the Woodley’s Glen, the Crest View entry monument signs, and the sign for San Elijo Middle School. There has been soaping of the Town Center Fountain and destruction of the irrigation pipes along the trail from San Elijo Elementary to Brightwood Drive, plus damage to the gate at the end of Brightwood.

I’m sure others have seen additional vandalism, and as the large younger population in San Elijo grows up, we may face even more of this.

What should be done:

* Video surveillance?

* PTO parent volunteers to observe after-school foot traffic on the trail from San Elijo  Middle School to the Brightwood Drive cul de sac pick up spot ?

* All of US reporting suspicious activities to HOA and Sheriff?

* More active parenting?

We welcome your thoughts

San Elijo Life


  • We have noticed an increase in vandalism in our neighborhood. We had xmas decorations pulled apart. Our neighborhood sign ruined 3 times. The lastest incident occured today and (we have safety fence up to keep coyotes out and so our little dogs stay in) was purposely cut. This type of vandelism is really sick, the parents of these children need to be made accountable. I believe the HOA should be involved. I am feeling extremely unsafe in this neighborhood!

  • Concerned Resident

    I have witnessed several younger teens or maybe pre-teens vandalizing the town square area. I called the police from my cell phone to report the vandalism. I left my cell number with the police dispatcher and asked her to call me back with an update. I never received a call back. After the fact, I witnessed them walk back to the low cost apartment complex.

    I think we might have a situation here where those who are living among us in the low cost apartments maybe don’t respect the beautiful community that the rest of us (who pay market value for our homes) pay out the nose for. I beleive that a combination of video surveillance and a neighborhood watch program would be the most effective approach to our growing problem.

  • San Marcos Sheriff
    (Non Emergency)
    (760) 510-5200

  • i had called the sheriff last week about some vandals shorting out the lights around the fountain and the dispatch could not find the intersection in the computer. (how is that possible?)
    i even gave the vehicle description and the licence plate. but never saw the sheriff come by.
    but i did see the vandals come back to do more damage. its pretty sad..

  • Yes, I agree with you, Concerned resident. Although it is nice that a low income population can live in a beautiful area, it’s unfortunate that I have seen many problem kids around the low income apartments as well. I would honestly like to somehow appeal this requirement for low income housing in our development, simply because of the problems it brings with lack of respect. Does anyone know how to go about doing so?

  • We have been considering to buy a house in the area (Old Creek Ranch).Could you give us an info about the area .We have 3 school kids .Is there a lot of crime in this area?.What should we be looking for? I think residents know the best. Please help.

  • | applied at the low-income apartments in that area & don’t believe all residents there are bad, Some of us can’t afford luxary places and do need cheeper places to live and survive in this world. Theres just some bad apples everywhere you go it’s 2008. Not all but some kid’s do tell there parent’s there going here or there but really there doing something way different. I know low-income does background check’s and surprised inspections. But theres only so much they can do, probably need alot of cameras in that area. I hope it get’s better by the time I do move there. It is a beautiful neighborhood, I would have never thought this was going on there.

  • I almost moved out there when your “low cost” apartments were finished being built. My mother is thinking about moving to your community. I am also thinking of moving to your community. I have lived in “low income” housing my whole life. I have three boys. Better run for the hills, my two year old likes to break stuff. I don’t know if I could live with myself if I thought someone else considered me an eye sore. Should I just go out back and shoot myself now, or wait till after I move in.

  • Prospective Resident

    I am a single mom (breast cancer survivor) with two pre-teen children that is seeking housing in the low income apartments. My children are great kids with excellent morals and values. I am; however, a little reluctant because there seems to be a divide. My fear is that my children may be “judged” for coming from “the poor section”. I really would like someone to honestly let me know if there is in fact resentment? It is important that I know, because we just can not handle that kind of stress in our lives. Thank you for your time.

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