4th Annual San Elijo Hills – Neighborhood Holiday Lights Competition


Voting ends 12/23/2011 10:00 PM

4th annual –Venzano was the winner in 2008 2009 & 2010 Crest View was 2nd Place in 2010

Time for a San Elijo Hills neighborhood to rally this year? 

*Venzano is not technically part of San Elijo Hills…but they share a fence line & trails with San Elijo Hills and have always been included in the spirit of the contest  …Enjoy  “Life in The Hills” .


  • 69 votes so far..Venzano in the lead again

  • Thanks to all that are putting up lights throughout SEH this year. Our kids are really enjoying them! (Takes a bit longer to get home each night due to festive detours)

  • Why even have this contest? Venzano stuffs the ballet box.

    • Seasons Greetings

      Dear SEH Negative VIBE: Have you thought of 1) how few votes are actually cast in this competition based on overall SEH/VENZANO households and 2) there is no prize for winning? I see it as a way to encourage the overall community to decorate for the holidays. Kudos to all in the holiday spirit.

    • Don’t be a hater…..enjoy the Christmas spirit! I wish we had enough motivation to decorate our house like the folks in Venzano.

  • have to say…Venzano does do the lights up!!! Venzano seems to have the most Christmas spirit!!!

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  • Do not get how a community not in SEH can win a SEH event.

  • I live in Venzano, I voted once with my smartphone, once with my laptop, once with my home desktop, twice with my computers at work and my wife did the same.
    as a single family we voted 10 times for Venzano.
    Go Venzano!

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