A reminder about solicitors in SEH

It’s the time of year that solicitors case your house.

Call the non-emergency line on solicitors who are pushy 760 510-5200..give direction of travel..San Marcos sheriff like to check up on solicitors.

Solicitors are bad news..the city of San Marcos has only given out 3 permits this year.

Make contact through the door to let solicitors know your home, but don’t open door..”I’m busy or my husband is sleeping”


  • Pfft… What an agenda to push: “All solicitors are bad all the time. Call the cops, they’re eeeeeevil!”

    Thanks for fueling mainstream media’s pursuit of absolute paranoia.

    Thank God I didn’t have to deal with attitudes like this while I was selling books through college. Then again, perhaps it was due in part to the fact that I was in more easygoing states like Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Minnesota at the time, where people aren’t so self-absorbed to spend time talking to one another.

    Not all door-to-door salespersons are criminals. Why not provide some pointers to separate the wheat from the chaff instead of branding all of them as such!

  • Two weeks ago we had a few folks selling magazines. Admitted Ex -cons/ex addicts that felt free to comment on my wife’s looks and attire, my dog went after one of them ( sensed the vibe I guess) Anyways I like the idea of the sheriffs checking them out, before they take the liberty of casing the neighborhood for future crime sprees. we already have had a few homes broken into ; TV’s , and guns stolen.

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