A reminder to lock your doors and remove valuables from your cars

Travis Miller to ‎San Elijo Life
9 hrs · San Marcos, CA · Edited ·
Fellow neighbors… At 11:43, a silver Honda Ridgline pulled up and parked next door to my house on Antilla Way. At the same time, a dark green/purple dodge caravan dropped two-three people off by the mailboxes adjacent to eclipse and San Elijo rd. At 11:54, two people bolted to the back gate of my house while another went to the front by my side fence, then took off for the back. Around this time my dog was barking and I went downstairs and turned the light on briefly then went back upstairs where he continued to bark. I quickly went my surveillance cameras to see two of the three head to the Honda Ridgline. The 3rd wasn’t seen. I ran to the balcony window to get a description of the vehicle followed by me bolting out the door to follow (oops). As I drive up San Elijo and I looked at the new subdivision on the right, past Lexi Court and saw a similar minivan parked on the side. I caught up to the Ridgline, kept my distance, got the license plate and called the police. After a bit more pursuit, I saw them park at San Marcos Elementary. The sheriff was at my house upon return and I debriefed humans showed the video. Fortunately for my Boxer barking and me getting a snack, it stopped them from coming in the backyard and doing whatever they came to do. The car is registered in Escondido so obviously they weren’t coming to turn my power off.

Anyways, stay safe and lock up.


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