Alert-Stranger Danger

Two students from walking San Elijo Middle were approached by a male in a white truck/SUV on Thursday 9.24.09. The male attempted to get them in his vehicle near the corner of Crescent and Sagewood Way in the San Elijo Hills. The girls ran to a neighbor’s house and called the San Marcos Sheriff’s Department. No one was injured. The only description is a male in his 20’s wearing a hat and sunglasses, driving a white truck or SUV.


  • I was informed by the resident whose house the 2 kids stopped at, that the ages of the 2 children involved were 16 & 7 years not middle school children, I have informed both the middle school as well as the elementary school principals of this information.

    My daughter, 15 at the time, was also followed by a white work truck back in June and I am wondering if might be the same person.

    • this is very scary and frustrating. I was wondering how much it would cost to have our own full time patrol car for SEH- make it part of the HOA dues.

  • We PAY enough in property TAXES as a large community, to be entitled to the Sheriff’s Dept to make a 24/7 presence in SEH.
    1 Car should be parked at the Gas station/town square area
    Another by Twin Oaks Rd entrance. This will discourage criminals.

  • We need gates at both entrances with guards like Emerald Heights!

  • You’d make every car going entering the community (from Twin Oaks, San Elijo Road and Elfin Forest Road) stop at a gate? They’re public San Marcos streets, you know, not private SEH streets. Not to mention being totally impractical.

  • i agree putting up a gate would make a lot of traffic also and back up the roads for out kids who go to cal state

  • gates are a great idea it will make it so random pleople will not use seh as a short cut!!!!!!

  • The City will never put a gate on a public street. End of story…

    Plus, a gate would do nothing anyway… would that have really stopped the creep in the white truck or stop fights in the Town Square, or grafitti? Face it we live in San Marcos and there is a certain element that lives within close proximity.

    Now… a Sheriff sub-station is a great idea. A cruiser patrolling the SEH area might stop the petty theft, car break-ins, grafitti, speeding etc…

  • I could not agree with you more CT ! Although we do live in a nice area we are still in san marcos not orange county!

  • Is the sheriff’s helicopter today anything to do with this? I didn’t catch all of the announcement. Something about an 11 y.o missing from the middle school? Nothing on any news sites and no Amber Alert, so maybe they found him.

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