Applicants sought for emergency response training for San Marcos

San Marcos city officials are encouraging residents to enroll in the upcoming Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training course. This free training will be held on five consecutive Saturdays from February 27 to March 27. Classes run from 9 am to 3 pm.

The CERT course curriculum covers topics including emergency preparedness, fire safety, emergency medical operations for one or multiple victims, light search and rescue operations, terrorism and disaster psychology. A disaster simulation drill will also be part of the training.

“Following a major disaster, police, fire and medical professionals may not be able to fully meet the demand,” said San Marcos Fire Chief Todd Newman. “People will have to rely on each other to meet the immediate life-saving and life-sustaining needs, particularly in isolated neighborhoods that may be cut off from the main roads for a period of time,” he added. “This kind of training will help people help each other until the professionals can arrive.”

This is a joint training with the City of Escondido. The class will be held at Escondido Fire Station No. 1, 310 N. Quince.

To register for the CERT training, please call (760) 744-1050, ext. 3405.

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  • Does anyone know if there is a way to miss one of the days and make-up?

    The Baja 250 is in the middle of the training period, and I have to be there, since I run “Honda Relay”.

    I left a VM on the FD AM, but didn’t hear back yet.

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