San Elijo Hills Attendance Area Update from Carolyn Kalicki

Hello San Elijo Community,

The district has made available the attendance area maps that will be presented to the SMUSD Board on June 10th for approval.

Here is the link to these maps: 047E6BE3-6D87-4130-8424-D8E4E9ED6C2A&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=32057&PageID=1

If you have trouble following the link, please visit the District’s homepage and click on Attendance Area Revisions.

I am still waiting for a date for our community meeting with District staff. We will notify you as soon as we receive this.

Carolyn Kalicki Principal
San Elijo Elementary


  • We are so thrilled with the outcome in this situation for our neighborhood but feel sorry for all our friends up in Atherton considering they pay higher melloroos and it looks like Venzano is staying at SEES. Doesn’t seem fair.

  • The problem is that the school is overcrowded and getting worse. Something has to happen. Too bad they can’t just build more classrooms onto the current school and increase the size. I agree that it would be nice to keep all SEH neighborhoods together at SEES because, as you say, we all bought here for the schools & sense of community. I don’t know what the best case scenario is but there is no way that the school can thrive in the future with the growth path it’s on.

  • Where was MY representation in this decision? Homeowners with children not yet in the school system and homeowners without children will suffer from the fallout and yet we were not informed of the ongoing process nor afforded representation. All of us pay taxes toward these school in the form of Mello Roos, regular property taxes and special bonds that may be levied on our properties. All affected groups should be represented. Each principal was asked to select 1 teacher, 1 staff member and 2 parents to represent their needs. How was the community as a whole represented?????

    In addition, why is the information being passed on only via San Elijo Life from the current school principal? Why isn’t the information making it to actual news sources such as the UT North County?

    • Great point Hailey!! We only found out because 1 of our 2 daughters attends the school. I just happened to be talking to a parent at a party one day. It’s awful that no one was informed of this and it’s only been word of mouth. It WILL most definitely affect the home values of the neighborhood who are most affected.

  • Not happy at all! I live at Belmont and in the previous map we would be attending SEES and now we are bumped out. In addition, a huge part of San Marcos (even areas that DO NOT pay SEH HOA) will attend SE middle school and we are still strained in the new school. I don’t see why keep paying SEH HOA when we were clearly kicked out of the neighborhood.

  • Can’t we have a Montessori charter school for the new school? That might interest several patents and maybe even appreciate the home value. Parents might chose spontaneously transfer their kids to the new school.

  • Tune in to Channel 7 News (NBC) tonight at 6 PM. Greg Bledsoe will be covering the community’s efforts to keep San Elijo United!

  • Why not expand the elementary to displace the middle school and then build a new middle school that serves the entire SEH? If not enough kids, pick up the ones at Old Creek.

  • That’s a decent idea. My hometown had an elementary school k-3, then a second elementary 4-6, and Jr. High was 7-8. That would be a great way to keep the SEH community together, however I’m afraid the committee’s decision has been made and there may be very little we as a community will be able to do to change the existing plan. The other problem in doing just a 7-8 Jr. High is that SEMS brings in 6th graders from other elementary schools not just SEES. It is sad for Atherton, Luminara and Palisades who’ve been part of the community for a while now, but it is also a great opportunity for them and the new neighborhoods to be a part of the new school on the top of the hill. Also, maybe if they build a school there, that would mean fewer overall houses in the community and less traffic in downtown SEH during the 7:30-8:10 am window.

    Lastly, our HOA dues have nothing to do with our schools so comments about them in relationship to the schools doesn’t make for a valid argument. Mello Roos is a valid argument that can and should be made.

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