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Safety-First Listing and Home Sale Strategy Ed Philbrick: REALTOR® Coastal Premiere Properties

Safety-First Listing and Home Sale Strategy. Please reach out for a 15-20 minute Zoom meeting in which I will inform you of your home’s value and answer the three most-asked questions I’m getting today:

* How much is my home worth in this market?
* How do you sell homes safely during COVID19?
* How’s the mortgage market right now?

Today’s buyers and sellers need a trusted local resource that can guide them through the complex world of real estate, who you work with matters. With my extensive local San Elijo Hills knowledge and commitment to providing an exceptional real estate experience to my clients, I’m your go-to source for San Elijo Hills and North County real estate insight, advice, and results. I am the publisher of San Elijo Life and enjoy connecting and building our fantastic community.

Please let me know how I can safely be of service if you are looking to buy or sell a home.

Covering North County San Diego from “The Hills to The Coast”

Ed Philbrick: REALTOR®
M: 760-496-8134
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Pet Stress During the Pandemic

Stay at Home orders and the recent COVID pandemic have been a source of stress to many members of our community.  Our animal companions have provided comfort and relief from some of the stress we all are feeling; however, some pet owners are reporting concerning changes in their pets at this time. 
While it might seem that owners being home all day would be a dream for pets, we need to remember that their world has suddenly been turned upside down, resulting in significant stress.

Dogs, as a rule, tend to turn to their owners in times of stress and discomfort.  This is often expressed in things we consider “nuisance” behaviors.  Dogs may appear more needy by constantly following, nosing, and otherwise “pestering” their owners for attention.  In addition, dogs may act out by being more destructive, barking more, or even hiding in the house.  

Cats, on the other hand, often become anti-social during times of stress.  Feline family members may look for places to hide in the house and may disappear for hours at a time.  Additionally, cats may display destructive behaviors such as increased scratching and inappropriate urination behaviors.

While we can’t change the Stay at Home orders, we can do a lot to help our pets’ stress levels.  Patience, consistency, and creativity are key.

Be patient with your pets during this time and give them time to adjust to their “new normal.” Lashing out in frustration will only increase their stress.

Be consistent day to day.  Create a routine that your pet can depend on.  This does not mean that you can’t mix in fun surprises like hikes, walking adventures, and impromptu play sessions, but keep daily necessities like meal times and walks on a predictable routine.

Give your pets space: Make areas in the house where your pet can have “alone time,” and allow them to choose to be there.  Make sure these areas are safe, comfortable, and kid-free.

Create entertainment time: Make time to entertain your pet.  Exercise and mental stimulation are not only great stress relievers, but they increase the bond between owners and their pet.  There are many easy and inexpensive ways to exercise your pet’s body and mind.  Here are a few ideas:


Most dogs love physical exercise of one type or the other.  Ideas include playing ball in the backyard, simple neighborhood walks, or hikes on our beautiful local trails.  When exercising your dog, always take into account their level of conditioning and physical abilities.  Also consider current regulations regarding open trails, protective gear, and physical distancing.

Brain games can be as exhausting and stimulating as exercise for many dogs.  Try hiding toys and treats around the house for a game of “find it!” Mix up their meal time with maze/puzzle feeders, snuffle mats, and food stuffed Kong toys.  Finally, teach your dog some new tricks.  Pups both old and young love to learn!


Cats benefit from physical and mental stimulation as well.  Keep some of those shipping boxes and make a “box fort” for your feline.  Few cats can resist the allure of a brand new box or bag!  Cats can also benefit from puzzle toys or maze feeders to make their meal time more interesting.  Look for puzzle feeders specially designed for cats (and make sure to keep the boxes for additional kitty play). You may also give your cat a new perspective by installing a new cat tree, wall shelves, hammocks, or window shelves for your cat to explore.

Finally, if your pet seems so distressed that it is manifesting physical symptoms.  Contact your veterinarian.  Psychological stress can be as hard on pets as it is on people, and there are medical options that can give your furry friend relief! 

Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo 

1691 Melrose Dr. Suite # 110
San Marcos, CA 92078

Into the blue pool and spa servicing San Elijo Hills

Into the blue pool and spa services specializes in weekly service for your pool and spa, extensive repairs and equipment upgrades. We take pride in providing our customers with the utmost quality and professional service to ensure your pool is pristine and enjoyable to you and your family year-round. If you are in pursuit of a new company, are looking for a second opinion or interested in learning more about our services, give us a call for a free consultation and we would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Contact info: 

Owners number: 760-421-8439


Three ways to support local businesses today

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone in the San Marcos community, including our local business owners and employees. The City of San Marcos launched a $3 million short-term business loan program to support our local businesses, and we’ve heard from residents who want to know how they can best support San Marcos businesses, too.

Here are three simple ways that you can directly support local businesses while following all current public health orders.

1. Order take-out or delivery

Visit the City’s website for a list of San Marcos restaurants, breweries, wineries and grocery stores that are open. You can also find information about special market hours for senior citizens. See the list here.

2. Grab a gift card

Consider purchasing a gift card at your favorite restaurant, store or hotel to send to a friend or treat yourself at a later date. Many businesses are selling gift cards on their websites, so you can purchase one from the comfort of home.

3. Shop online

Although their physical storefronts may be closed, many businesses are open for online orders. Check the website or social media channels of your favorite business for details.

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April 2020 San Elijo Hills Community Association Updates

Community Tile Project! San Elijo Stands Together!

San Elijo Hills is known for many things, but one thing is for sure…our community spirit! We are truly missing our community events and seeing our neighbors and friends to enjoy some fun in the Hills. While we cannot bring everyone together for some fun…we will bring the fun to you! It’s the perfect opportunity to occupy your free time, come together as a family, all while becoming a part of San Elijo Hills history!

The Community Association will be partnering up with A Colorful Universe to create a special place in the community to display tiles made by all of our residents. A small tile, along with a few paint supplies, will be provided to every household. Simply paint your tile, and drop off in designated bins in front of A Colorful Universe or the San Elijo Hills On-Site office at 1277 San Elijo Road South. We will be working continuously on the distribution and collection. Stay tuned for delivery in your neighborhood. Let’s all stand together and join forces to create something beautiful. Please contact Liz McCardle at 760-798-9015 or

Architectural Review

While we all stay home spending time with the family, those improvements you have been thinking about may now become a reality. The HOA still continues to accept and review applications for all exterior improvements. We understand the challenges to complete this process due to social distancing and will do our best to help email plans to your neighbors if possible. Thank you to our Architectural Committee for volunteering through this challenging time!

Support Your Local Businesses!

Don’t forget to order from the town square businesses! Their success is integral to the value of the community, and we need everyone to keep ordering out and helping in any way you can. Especially from Sundays to Thursdays.


**Since 2006 provides community news, photos, videos, and a directory of resources for residents of San Elijo Hills. The site is independent of the developer and the HOA and is run by local homeowners.

Support your local San Elijo Hills Businesses

Support your local SEH Businesses! Below are special messages on behalf of the town center businesses!  See attached for special offers, delivery menus, and coupons!

San Elijo Vine & Tap

We’ve been closely monitoring the progression of the COVID-19 & are complying with the World Health Organization’s recommendations, as well as our own standards, to provide a safe place to offer Meals To-Go. We appreciate your support during these times!

San Elijo Pediatric Dentistry

Give a call if you have a dental emergency or would like to book a future appointment.

Lourdes Mexican Food

Lourdes Mexican Food will remain open during these uncertain times with adjusted hours of 10 am- 8 pm each day. We will continue to abide by our new regulations to ensure that we keep our employees and costumers safe. We recommended ordering by phone to help social distancing and our staff will provide our salsas upon request. We appreciate your business.

Aloha Acai Bowls

Delivering locally!  To order, simply text 760-415-8675.

Downtown Academics

In an effort to keep our employees, students, and the entire community healthy, we are currently only holding virtual tutoring sessions via Zoom.  We appreciate everybody’s understanding and support. Stay well. Have a great day! 🙂

A Colorful Universe

We are now offering art kits to go! We hope you will enjoy them. Currently, we are working on updating our website and adding more pieces to our inventory. We are very appreciative and deeply grateful for all the support that you, the community has given us to stay in business! @ A Colorful Universe.


This list was assembled by the San Elijo Hills Community Association



Together 760 Facebook Group for North County

Please join and share ideas on how we can support each other in North County San Diego during COVID-19: Jobs, Online Music Events, Drive-Thru, Food Pick UP, Parenting Ideas, Online Meetings, Special offers, Seniors in need of assistance, Excercise Ideas. Please invite your 760 friends to this Facebook group for North County.

San Marcos Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Breweries and Wineries Open for Business

As a resource for the San Diego County community, we compiled a list of San Marcos restaurants, breweries, and wineries open for pick-up or drive-thru orders. The list also includes grocery stores, with information about special hours for senior citizens. See the list at
We’d love it if you could help us spread the word about this resource! We’re asking folks to help us keep the list continuously updated by emailing Economic Development Director Tess Sangster at

San Elijo Hills Community Association Updates: Albertsons Hours-Vine and Tap-HOA Event Cancelations

During this time of uncertainty, the San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA) will pass along any information deemed of importance to the community.

Please be advised that the San Elijo Hills Albertsons will be open 7 am to 9 pm with special designated hours for folks 65+, with compromised immune systems, pregnant, or disabled. If you have questions regarding these hours, please contact the store directly. We have attached the flyer recently distributed by Albertsons for your reference.

San Elijo Vine & Tap

Here’s a quick update regarding the wild week we are experiencing. We’ve been closely monitoring the progression of the COVID-19 & are complying with the World Health Organization’s recommendations, as well as our own standards, to provide a safe place to offer Meals To-Go. We appreciate your support during these times!

Friday Night Fever-70’s Disco Party-Canceled

Due to the severity of the Coronavirus, we are taking serious measures to contain the potential exposure and spread of the virus.  Therefore, this event has been canceled.  Any checks received to attend this event will be returned to the resident.  If you have any questions, please contact Liz McCardle at or call (760) 798-9015.


Due to the severity of the Coronavirus, we are taking serious measures to contain the potential exposure and spread of the virus.  Therefore, this event has been canceled.  If you have any questions, please contact Liz McCardle at or call (760) 798-9015.



**Since 2006 provides community news, photos, videos, and a directory of resources for residents of San Elijo Hills. The site is independent of the developer and the HOA and is run by local homeowners.

See which San Marcos businesses are open for take-out and/or drive-thru orders

At the City of San Marcos, the health and safety of our community is our top priority. For real-time updates about the City’s response to COVID-19, visit

To help keep residents informed and to support our business community, we created a webpage that lists business in San Marcos that are currently open for take-out and/or drive-thru orders.

Click here to see which businesses are open.

Please call ahead to verify before you visit.

If you would like to add a business to the list, please email Tess Sangster.

For a list of resources available to businesses, please click here.

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