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The Bianchi Ride @The Sanctuary by The Lost Abbey

Gravel Route:

Road Route:

MTB Route TBD (no more than 15-18 miles)

The Sanctuary by The Lost Abbey

1215 San Elijo Rd, San Marcos, CA 92078

Questhaven Park Tree Removal Follow-Up from San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA)

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by HOA Community Manager (Rebecca McDonald) on Aug 02, 2022 4:02 pm
Questhaven Park Tree Removal Follow-Up
Walters Management has received some concerns from homeowners regarding the tree removals at Questhaven Park. The following is some additional information regarding the concerns shared with Management.

Van Dyke Landscape Architects (VDLA) and Tree of Life Consulting were retained by San Elijo Hills BOD to assess the condition of the trees surrounding the playground area at Questhaven Park and came to a consensus that some trees should be removed at this time as part of a long term plan to preserve the shade at the park and eliminate further damage to the concrete curbs and pathways surrounding the play areas.

The two primary tree species that exist along the perimeter of the playground are Koelruteria bipinnata – Golden Rain Tree and Tipuana tipu – Tipu Tree, both very large, deciduous trees.  Each tree was assessed for its branching structure, placement and root damage to adjacent hardscape.  Many of the trees had very poor form, and some had root intrusion in and below the playground concrete apron, which were flagged for necessary removal in order to stop any additional damage.  Removal of these trees will also eliminate the entangled nature of the overall root structure, overlapping canopy and allow the existing trees slated to remain to thrive with the additional space, light and airflow further letting them expand.  In addition to promoting health to the remaining trees, the tree removals allow for new trees to be planted at the park for the next generation.  Large specimen Podocarpus gracilior (see attached jpg) are proposed to be planted in the new openings left by the tree removals.  These trees are less invasive with roots and an evergreen species which will provide year-round shade, compared to just the summer shade provided by the current deciduous trees now.  In addition to their evergreen nature, the Podocarpus gracilior is a very clean tree, minimizing leaf litter in and around the playground. Because these tree removals are primarily on the east side of the structure, they currently provide little shade to the play structure during the peak hours of the day. 

Both Tree VDLA and Tree of Life Consulting agree that this plan of action is the best course to retain a tree canopy at Questhaven Park. A third company, Forestry Group, was awarded the contract for removal, and a fourth company, OCLM will be responsible for the replanting and renovations. Further delay in caring for these trees will result in a decline of all of them, eventually resulting in a combined removal / replacement program leaving the park with no mature trees and small new trees which will not provide shade for years.

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The airplane hit a car and a poll at the corner of Rancho Santa Fe and Melrose Saturday.

The airplane hit a car and a poll at the corner of Rancho Santa Fe and Melrose Saturday, 6:15 PM, July 16th. The occupants of the prop airplane and car or cars are reportedly shaken up but physically ok from reports on the ground.

Pregnant Woman Inside SUV Struck By Plane During Emergency Landing in San Marcos

Tesla Dashcam footage

San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA) Updates


The Board of Directors continues to work hard to invest back into our community!  The following projects are in progress and part their 2022 goals:

  • New lighted community sign for the north entry (across from DPS)
    • Sign is currently being fabricated for install later this year.
  • Fountain renovation – in progress
    • We expect the renovations to the basin of the fountain to be completed by the end of the month
    • The submersible lights inside the fountain are being upgraded
  • Fountain square landscaping – almost complete
    • The landscape renovations to fountain square are nearly complete. The new light fixtures at the corners (by olive trees) and under the trellis are on backorder, but we are excited to see this space lit up for the upcoming holiday season.
  • Fountain square electrical upgrade – complete
    • Equipment and infrastructure upgrades were recently completed to improve the reliability of our holiday lighting installations. 
  • Irrigation Infrastructure Renovations – in progress
    • Great progress continues to be made to update the community’s irrigation infrastructure. Programming and flow sensing of our new smart controllers is nearly complete which will allow the association to better manage its water usage.
    • Drip conversions and plant material renovations to a native, water-wise palette continue throughout the community. 
  • NEW Stop Sign – Sagewood Way & Crescent Place
    • As a result of a homeowner concern, the City is adding an all-way stop sign at this intersection. Install is expected in September.

If you have any questions about these community improvement projects, please feel free to reach out to Walters Management at


*This website – San Elijo Life, is independent of the developer San Elijo Hills Development Company and the San Elijo Hills Association. HOA updates are provided as a service to our readership. …Enjoy Life in The Hills.

Natural Wildlife Preserve buffer land and wildlife preserve next to the San Marcos landfill in danger, your help needed

Update Provided by Summer Light-Elfin Forest Resident

Natural Wildlife Preserve buffer land and wildlife preserve next to the San Marcos landfill in danger, your help needed

May 2021 the Department of Public works used the San Marcos Landfill as a place to recycle reclaimed asphalt. Reclaimed asphalt is from torn-up roads and is full of trash, oil, gasoline, and other toxins. This material was used over dirt roads in and around the San Marcos Landfill.

Through our petition signing, reporting to the San Diego Board of Directors, the Water Board, Elliot Herman (Board member of our HOA), and Elfin Forest residents

we were able to get it removed from where it was heavily spread near Copper Creek. 

Parcel # 223-0082-06 which is designated as a parcel used as Landfill buffer land is also documented in The San Elijo Amendment Plan to be a natural wildlife preserve and to be left untouched. What you can see from the photos below, the reclaimed asphalt created an eyesore destroying a once beautiful view we had from our trails. 

On June 30, we had officials from the San Diego Board of Supervisors, Land Use Environmental Group, Department of Public works, Elfin Forest Town Council, and San Elijo Hills HOA see this buffer parcel firsthand. Randy Walton from San Marcos City Council and Tiffany Boyde-Hodgson also came out for support. 

We want to thank all the petition signers and members of the communities to get this asphalt removed. The officials are in process of making a decision. Write them a brief email ASAP to voice your opinion for keeping open space, buffer land, our wildlife preserve beautiful, and a safe haven for the wildlife. Homeowners who miss the road runners and quail that used to inhabit this parcel. 

Below are the emails you can send to one or all.

CAO staff officer of Land Use Environmental Group:

Head of the Department of Public Works:

San Diego Board Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer staff: and

San Marcos Mayor:

Director of Policy Land Use Environmental Group:

Public Works Director:

Buffer parcel wildlife preserve hiker view March 2020
Same area as above May 2021 after the asphalt road project
Asphalt put down by Copper Creek 
Same area after the asphalt was removed in March 2022
Metting at the Landfill on June 30, 2022

COFFEE WITH THE CAPTAIN RECAP-Hosted by San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA)

COFFEE WITH THE CAPTAIN RECAP-Hosted by San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA)

The HOA Board of Directors would like to thank Captain Jones and the COPPS Division from the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station for meeting with our community on Monday. Here is a recap of what was discussed:

Egging vehicles in our community – If your vehicle is egged while driving you should immediately call 911 to report it. This is being taken very seriously by the deputies and depending on the outcome of the incident can be charged as a felony. They seemed unaware of these incidents being a recurring issue, so please ensure you are reporting all incidents. California Vehicle Code VC 23110 – Any person who throws any substance at a vehicle or any occupant thereof on a highway is guilty of a misdemeanor. Any person who with intent to do great bodily injury maliciously or willfully throws or projects any rock, brick, bottle, metal, or other missiles, or projects any other substance capable of doing serious bodily harm at such vehicle or occupant thereof is guilty of a felony and upon conviction shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison.

Curfew Sweeps – The COPPS Division will be engaging their juvenile division and stepping up curfew sweeps in San Elijo. Curfew is 11:00 PM – 6:00 AM in San Marcos.  Keep in mind that a minor doesn’t have to be engaged in any other crime to be picked up in a curfew sweep. They will be handcuffed and arrested. Minors, as well as their parents, will be directed to diversion programs and the family fined.

See Something, Say Something – There seems to be a severe lack of reporting incidents in San Elijo. Err on the side of reporting. The more they know about what is going on in our community, the better they can assist us. The non-emergency number is 858-565-5200

You can TEXT 911 – This should only be used when calling 911 isn’t an option for you. But if you need it, you can text 911.

Speeding – It was requested that more radar enforcement happen within our town center. The speeding/racing, number of accidents, and wrong-way drivers have become a real issue. The deputies ensured the community they would make the traffic division aware of the concerns and ramp up enforcement.

After-School Activity – The deputies were thanked by the community for their efforts to help curb after-school activity in the town center. They reminded us to keep them in the loop if it starts to ramp up again so they can respond appropriately.
We will be sending out safety tips and reminders over the coming months. Stay safe, and remember — See Something, Say Something! The non-emergency number is 858-565-5200.
*This website – San Elijo Life is independent of the developer San Elijo Hills Development Company and the San Elijo Hills Association. HOA updates are provided as a service to our readership. …Enjoy Life in The Hills.

Noise Phobias in Pets

Noise Phobias in Pets

With July 4th quickly approaching many of us are thinking about backyard barbeques and get togethers with friends.  Unfortunately, for many pets and their owners, this holiday brings anxiety and fear thanks to the traditional fireworks displays that Independence Day brings.

Noise phobias are a common affliction among pets.  The condition is defined as excessive fear of a sound or several sounds resulting in a feeling of panic in the pet. It can be in response to seemingly mundane sounds (such as a beeping microwave), however a reaction to fireworks and/or thunder may be the most common.
This panic can be displayed as hiding, urinating/defecating, drooling, panting, pacing, trembling/shaking, or excessive barking.  In extreme cases, the pet may actually try and flee the area, even breaking through windows in an attempt to escape!  In fact, shelters report that the July 4th holiday results in the largest number of escaped pets being brought into their facilities.

The cause of noise phobias is often not known to the pet owner or behavior professionals. Genetics can play a roll in phobias, but past trauma or even a lack of early positive exposure can result in phobias as well.  Regardless of the source, keeping your pet safe and comfortable, then managing their fear is of the upmost importance.

Management of the Environment: 
While there are long-term treatment options for noise phobias, initially keeping your pet safe and content should be your primary concern.

Safety First: Make sure that your pet can be safely and comfortably contained during a fearful event.  A quiet room without windows is ideal, but you can also use a small room with sound-absorbing window covers.  Make sure your pet cannot reach or jump through the windows and cannot hurt themselves on furnishings.
Make this are a “safe space” by training your pet to relax here far before they are exposed to the scary noise.  Have comfortable bedding, familiar toys, etc.  If your pet enjoys time in a crate, have a familiar crate set up in this space, as well.  Encourage your pet to spend calm time there whenever possible.

Security Jackets and Pheromones:  It can be helpful to use calming pheromones (Adaptil in dogs and Feliway for cats) in your pet’s “safe space.”  These pheromones can help instill a sense of calm in your pet and help establish the area as a place to relax.  Additionally, multiple companies make compression jackets (such as the “Thunder Shirt”) for pets which can further help with your pet’s sense of security.

Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Options:
In addition to creating a safe environment, there are both nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical medications that may be able to help your pet.
Nutraceuticals: There are a variety of nutraceutical options on the market to help calm your pet.  While these usually do not have as significant an effect as prescription medications, many owners report positive results with theses products.  However, because the pet supplement industry is only loosely regulated, it is important to consider the product and its source.  Your veterinarian can help make recommendations for your individual pet.
Pharmaceuticals: There are several prescription medications that have been proven helpful in managing fears and phobias in pet dogs.  A wellness exam and consultation with your veterinarian can help determine the best option for you and your pet.

When starting a new supplement or medication, it is recommended that you give it to your pet BEFORE the actual phobic event.  That way, you know how it affects your pet and for how long.  Some products can have what is called a paradoxical effect in individual pets, meaning it could result in hyperactivity or anxiety, making that product a poor choice for managing phobias in that particular pet.

Behavioral Management:
For long term care of phobias in pets, behavioral management is your best option.  Consulting with an experienced positive-reinforcement based trainer about your pet’s fears is a good way to start.  Note that you should NEVER use “correction” or “punishment” based training to manage phobias! 

Ideally, pet owners should consult with a Veterinary Behaviorist about pets with severe phobias.  These are veterinarians with special training in animal behavior. They are able to both recommend the best nutraceutical/pharmaceutical options and behavioral training options to help your pet long-term with managing their phobias.

With Independence Day around the corner, now is the time to consider your pet’s phobias and safety.  Make sure your pet has their collar/tag and microchip information up to date in the event of an escape.  If you feel that your pet would benefit from supplements or medications to help get them through the holiday, contact your veterinarian early!

Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo 

1691 Melrose Dr. Suite # 110
San Marcos, CA 92078

Midyear Stock Market Checkup from Ross B Hansen of San Elijo Hills

Midyear Market Checkup

With just a few days away from the end of June, stocks gained some ground last week but remain down nearly 20%, their worst first six months of any year since 19701. Aggressive central-bank tightening, concerns around inflation, and the effect of these two factors on growth have led to a rapid adjustment in interest rates, valuations, and sentiment. We think that the economy will continue to slow in the quarters ahead, reflecting the lagged impact of policy tightening. However, the year-to-date sell-off in both stocks and bonds has improved future returns for long-term investors. We’d offer the following perspective on how the economy, stocks and bonds are shaping up at the midyear point and what could be in store for the second half.

Source: Morningstar, Edward Jones as of 6/23/22. Stocks represented by the S&P 500, bonds by the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. aggregate bond index, and commodities by the Bloomberg Commodities index. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Market indexes are unmanaged and cannot be invested into directly.
The graph shows returns for stocks, bonds and commodities through the first half of this year, and how they compare with the returns of an average year

READ MORE of the mid-year market update

Best Regards,
Ross B Hansen of San Elijo Hills

Weglarz helps SMUSD schools strengthen their systems of support, while providing professional leadership & advocacy for the profession of school counseling throughout the state.

Congratulations to our SMUSD Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coordinator, Lezya Weglarz, for being named Chair of the California Association of School Counselors.

Currently serving as Vice Chair for the California Association of School Counselors, her new term as Chair begins July 1, 2022. The California Association of School Counselors is the largest state-level association representing school counselors in the nation. Along with her fellow Board of Directors, Weglarz will continue efforts to provide leadership & advocacy for the school counseling profession throughout California. 

“I am honored and humbled for this opportunity to advocate for students and bring a voice to different spaces to best support the holistic needs of all students here at SMUSD, and throughout California,” said Weglarz. 


Come down to the town square park on Monday, June 27th, from 9 am-10 am to have coffee with Captain Kenneth Jones! Some homeowners in the community attended the last HOA Board of Directors meeting and expressed concerns to the board regarding safety due to recent criminal activity within our community. As a result, the HOA board has reached out to the San Marcos Sheriff substation to arrange this opportunity to meet with our new captain of the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station!

Join San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA) for a cup of coffee and some light refreshments. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and discuss community safety!
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