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If you enjoy private Facebook Groups – we have built a San Elijo Life group

Join the private San Elijo Life Facebook Group

If you enjoy the sense of online and offline community that Facebook Groups have become. We have created a private San Elijo Life Facebook Group. Please request to join. We also run a Normal San Elijo Life Facebook page and this website www.sanelijolife,com, twitter Feed and our Favorite Instagram. See you around town.

San Elijo Life ™ …

What is San Elijo Life and How do I Participate?


What is San Elijo Life and How do I Participate?

San Elijo Life ™ – #1 Community Website for Everything in San Elijo Hills since 2006 (working on our 10th year!). We cover News and Events for San Marcos and San Elijo Hills.

The intention of San Elijo Life is to support San Elijo Hills and San Marcos resident’s with current information and ideas. We have lived in SEH since 2004 and have a great love for “Life in The Hills.” The site is independent from the developer and the homeowner’s association (HOA). The site is supported by paid advertising. We welcome guest posts and reporting, and your participation!


The key to San Elijo Life is the participation of its readers on our site and social media. We encourage everyone to share what they see, what they know, and how they feel. Here are 7 ways that you can contribute to the San Eljio Life, and be part of San Elijo Hills and San Marcos open online community.

List is not in order of priority or importance.

  1. REPORT BREAKING NEWS – Hear or witness some news? Send a breaking news report to or post on our Facebook Page. It can be as brief as one sentence or posted as a request for more information. Example: “Three fire trucks just went by with sirens blaring. What is up?” We’ll post the report and people who see it on the site or social media will add details. We can sort it out as a group that is open to all. Communication will help us all.

  2. BE A REPORTER – Do you know about something interesting happening in San Elijo Hills or San Marcos? If it is interesting to you, then it’s sure to be interesting to others in the community. Send it in via email or Facebook post or IM us via Facebook. We try to be fast!

  3. COMMENT – Share what you know on our site and Facebook. Whether its details about a breaking news report, government press release, citizen report, photo, or anything else posted on the website, the San Elijo Hills/San Marcos community benefits when you add your input. Sometimes you might have an answer to a specific question, other times you might know some related piece of information. Once again, if it is interesting to you, it will be interesting to others.

  4. WRITE AN OP-ED/GUEST POST – Got an opinion about something local? Write it down and argue your side of the story. Op-EDs should be between 500 to 1000 words in length. We require that you be willing to share your name with readers. Op-EDs cannot promote local businesses or political figures, and are subject to approval of San Elijo Life. Maybe you would like to write a weekly cooking post? This is a great chance for local students to practice some journalism. Photos are important and help tell the story.

  5. POST AN EVENT – It’s the same form for news or events. Be sure to include the date, time, place and any other information about the event. Be sure to specify whether it is a free event or not. Please also send a photo or logo. Please share who is producing/hosting the event, some readers think we host the Farmers Market, Business Expo etc. :).

  6. ASK A QUESTION – Got something you want to know that has local relevance? The question could be historical, factual or just something you’re curious about. Lots of great insight comes from “Question and Answer” posts. Email your question to, or post on Facebook.

  7. TELL A FRIEND – If a friend shows you a cool local photo, tells you some news, conveys a strong opinion … tell them that they should send their stuff in to San Elijo Life! We have a lot of new San Elijo Hills residents who are not clear on what going on and who is responsible for what..lets sort this out and work as a community.

San Elijo Life Advertising Opportunities

We offer several advertising and sponsorship packages for businesses, services and community members. Ranging from email: social media, home page banner ad placement to business directory listings, we have a package to fit your business needs and budget. We can help tell the story of your business to build local community.

For more information about advertising opportunities please contact us at or 760 496-8134

Our Commitment To San Elijo Hills:

San Elijo Elementary Country Fair Sponsor
San Elijo Hills Foundation Shade Structure Project Donor
SEMS Golf Classic Hole Sponsor
San Elijo Hills AYSO Sponsor
San Elijo Hills 5K Sponsor
We are local residents and HOA and PTO Volunteers

Thanks for all your Support & Readership!

Edward & Michelle Philbrick

Enjoy Life in The Hills.
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San Elijo Life 2014 Year in Review



San Elijo Life 2014 Year in Review

San Elijo Life was viewed about 160,000 times in 2014.

The busiest day of the year was May 15th during the Cocos Fire with 9,871 views. The most popular post that day was Timelapse photo of advancing fire from roof of Stone Brewery.

In 2014, there were 294 new posts, growing the total archive of San Elijo Life to 1,962 posts since 2006.

In 2014 we covered: Cocos Fire, Cell Towers, Double Peak School, Mountain Lion Sightings, HOA News and Events, New Questhaven Park Playground, Local San Elijo Hills Business, City of San Marcos News and Events.

Happy New Year from San Elijo Life

Happy Thanksgiving San Elijo Hills

San Elijo Hills

Thanksgiving is a time when our San Elijo Hills homes are filled with the smell of roasted turkey, gravy and pumpkin pie. More importantly, it’s a time when we count our blessings and are thankful for those that surround us in our community. We are grateful for you our readers and supporters.

You our readers have helped build our community and local awareness …THANK YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving

San Elijo Life-The Philbrick Family

San Elijo Life Celebrates it’s 8th Year

San Elijo Life

San Elijo Hills thanks for your loyal readership over the last 8 years!

We have enjoyed watching San Elijo Hills grow and change over the last 8 years. It’s a pleasure to cover the pulse of Life in The Hills.

This last year we welcomed new residents; as new home construction filled in, we grew stronger as a community during the May fires. New school contraction started in San Elijo Hills, and we have watched local SEH business become more established. We felt the community frustration around the Town Center, cell towers, cell coverage, and traffic.

What have you noticed in the last year? What will change in the next year?

A few stats:

  • Over 3,000 Comments from readers in 8 years
  • We generated over 2,000 posts in 8 years
  • We now average over 400 page views a day
  • 33,000 page views during the May 2014 fires
  • Over 2400 Fans of our San Elijo Life Facebook Page

We could not continue without the loyal support of our San Elijo Life advertisers…so a big thanks to: Children’s Physicians Medical GroupSole Health and WellnessPacific Preschool and Kindergarten, San Elijo Hills Development, SoulShine Yoga, and all our San Elijo Hills Business Directory advertisers.

San Elijo Life Social Media for San Elijo Hills

Please follow us on Instagram @sanelijolife and use the hash tags #sanelijohills #sanelijolife

Find us on Twitter @sanelijolife and we would love to have you as a Facebook Fan at

If you would like email updates from San Elijo Life please click here to sign up.

Advertising to Reach San Elijo Hills & San Marcos

We offer several advertising and sponsorship packages for businesses, services and community members. Ranging from email marketing to San Elijo Hills Business Directory listings, we have a package to fit your business needs and budget. For more information about advertising opportunities, please contact us at

Enjoy Life in The Hills!

1st Episode of San Elijo Life Podcast- Spring in San Elijo Hills

1st Episode of San Elijo Life Podcast- Spring in San Elijo Hills

San Elijo Life is pleased to launch our new podcast. In this 1st episode we talk about the event details for the 7th annual San Elijo Elementary Country Fair. We also cover upcoming San Elijo Hills events.

Future episodes will be comprised of interviews with local San Elijo Hills business, community members, and politicians.

The goal is not to listen to us ramble, but for locals to tell the story of Life in The Hills. Please contact us with your suggestions. We will improve our technology and skills with each episode. Future episodes will be avaible on iTunes.

Please tell your friends about San Elijo Life and follow us on social media @sanelijolife.

San Elijo Life 2013 Highlights

San Elijo Hills Peace Monument

San Elijo Life 2013 Highlights

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. San Elijo Life was viewed about 100,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

In 2013, there were 280 new San Elijo Life posts, growing the total archive of San Elijo Life to 1,241 posts.

The busiest day of the year was June 10th with 4,885 views. The most popular post that day was Live Blogging school board school boundaries.

These are the posts that got the most views in 2013.

Your most commented on post in 2013 was San Elijo Hills Buy Local and Demand Quality

These were your 5 most active commenters:

  •  Lray 27 COMMENTS
  •  greg 12 COMMENTS
  •  Randy 10 COMMENTS
  •  seh man 9 COMMENTS
  •  Bill Walker 8 COMMENTS


Thanks for your readership, comments, posts, and ideas. Please keep them coming in 2014! Please use hashtag #sanelijolife for your social media posts.

We offer several advertising and sponsorship packages for businesses and services looking to target San Elijo Hills. Ranging from post/email marketing,  San Elijo Hills Business Directory listings, and special packages to fit your business needs and budget.

Have a message to get out fast and cost effectively. Quick and easy set up process, your advertisement can be live on within 24 hours.

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