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The Daily Dalia for 6.18

What do 51, 45, 24, 21, 15, 13 and 11 have in common? These are the ages of the people I played Wii with this past weekend and everyone had fun! I highly recommend investing in Wii (base price of $249.00 and comes with tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing). I know video games get a bad rap but your active with Wii, you can actually end up sweating, and it’s a way for people of all ages to come together and spend some quality time together. Nintendo was very keen making a game for both the older & younger generation …how can you go wrong! So buy Wii, get some exercise, spend some time with your kids, your friends, your spouse, whoever, laugh and just have FUN!

(FYI – even if you just sit and watch you can burn 10-40 calories for every 15 minutes you laugh)


The Daily Dalia for 6.15

I was asked by a SEH resident how I would train a toddler to not wet their bed at night…with my children I did it the first day they were trained, I never did the diaper at night and I had success. What I would do is first is not to give them much to drink right before bedtime and made sure they go to the bathroom right before falling asleep. Then, I would THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND…put a rubber sheet on the bed (just in case)! I would have to think if a child is wearing a diaper at night they will not make an attempt to go to the bathroom if they need to in the night…they will just start a lazy habit. And talk to your child, tell them what you expect them to do if they need to go. Or wait, could it be the parent possibly being lazy??

 Let me always remind you I am not a doctor but I have heard that unless there is a medical condition a 3 year old (almost 4) should be able to make it through the night dry.

Try it, be patient, don’t yell if they wet the bed and be consistent. If this does not work I would talk to your pediatrician. GOOD LUCK


The Daily Dalia for 6.14

On the front page of the FOOD section this week there was an article stating, if you want to tackle kung pao chicken with grace and gusto try Hoan Asian Beginner Chopsticks, they are easy to use, come in four fashionable colors and are dishwasher-safe….you can purchase them at Bed Bath & Beyond for $2.99.

My advice, use a fork…especially if you are worried about “grace and gusto”.

In similar words of Jerry Seinfeld, we,ve seen the fork…a farmer wakes up and plows 40 acres with a shovel…he’s not using a couple of pool cues!


The Daily Dalia for 6.13

If you are new to the area, tomorrow I highly recommend checking out The Union Tribune’s Thursday section called “Night and Day”…a weekly guide to San Diego. It tells you about everything happening in the area both ongoing and upcoming. Find out about movies, concerts, restaurants, live shows, museums, exhibitions and theater. It probably mentions sports also but I’m not sure since I don’t care about sports.

It gives ideas what you can do with your kids, family, mate or alone. It offers coupons for discounts and also mentions FREE activities in the area. I also like that it comes in “magazine” style to make reading easier.

Speaking of discounts, I thought this was a little ridiculous, Albertson’s had bread last week and the sign said 8 for $20.00, cmon.


The Daily Dalia for 6.12

I have to congratulate SDSU for being named “top small research university in the nation” researching everything from cancer to global warming to aiding with Hurricane Katrina. I think that’s pretty cool especially since some people in the country think of Californians as being a group of “self absorbed” people.

Speaking of global warming, I know some of you are sick of hearing about it but if we could all just change one habit we are doing at the moment, something as silly as turning off the water while brushing your teeth, I would have to think we could make a big difference (don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you sell your SUV). Just recently I started using only cold water with laundry.

Just try something, the world will thank you.


The Daily Dalia for 6.11

I know there are bigger problems in the world then finding a good nail salon but if there is anyone out there looking for one, try The Nail Lounge on Rancho Sante Fe Road in Carlsbad. I have ventured to other places for various reasons but always regret it after. The Nail Lounge is reasonably priced, no hassling you with up sells or hidden costs and you can sit back, relax without thinking the whole salon is talking about you (you salon frequenters know what I mean).

Oh, and if the woman that was there yesterday at about 2:00 having a conversation for a good 15 minutes to another woman at the other end of the salon is reading this, you should not do that, it is very inconsiderate. I would have to think most people don’t care about your children’s prom night. Note to self, bring Ipod next time.

The Daily Dalia for 6.8

So, San Marcos climbs above 80,000 people. I am close to needing to move and I do love the Lake San Marcos area, all I know is I will not consider any house that I have to drive east on San Marcos Blvd from my job in Carlsbad to go home. I really don’t know how people deal with that road without taking valium. It’s a shame because there are some nice homes off the 78. Before it only used to be crowded at rush hour, now it does not matter what time of day it is and it occurs all weekend too.

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner to a 5 mile radius of my house because I just can’t bring myself to deal with the traffic. But, I guess if you have to be a prisoner, San Diego is a beautiful jail.

Oh, and speaking of traffic, don’t forget the Del Mar Fair opens today.

The Daily Dalia for 6.6

Being opinionated seems to get a bad rap. Obviously I enjoy giving my opinion, sometimes I wait until asked because that can be appropriate but other times I just speak up because at that time (I believe) it is appropriate. Last week at The Crazy Burro I mentioned to the manager that the chicken burrito (which I always order) was getting chintzy, I even admitted to him that I am an opinionated person. His response was “but you are nice about it”.

If your intentions are good then by all means, speak up (be nice), you could make a big difference!


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