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How We Can Help The Quigley Family


The Quigley Family of San Elijo Hills tragically lost Eddie Quigley to a car accident on Monday, Nov. 18th. He was on his way to work driving on Elfin Forest Road.

He is left behind by his wife, Tristan and their three girls, Riley 6, Zoe 4, and Harper 17 months. Riley is a first grade student at San Elijo Elementary and Zoe attends preschool at Raggedy Ann & Andy.

He worked at Rady Children’s Hospital, focusing on research in clinical trials. He collaborated with researchers throughout the San Diego medical community and especially at the University of California San Diego.

There are two ways people can help:

– Monetary donations can be made at:

– Sign up for meals can be made at to express condolences or provide further help other than monetary or food.

4th Annual San Elijo Hills – Neighborhood Holiday Lights Competition


Voting ends 12/23/2011 10:00 PM

4th annual –Venzano was the winner in 2008 2009 & 2010 Crest View was 2nd Place in 2010

Time for a San Elijo Hills neighborhood to rally this year? 

*Venzano is not technically part of San Elijo Hills…but they share a fence line & trails with San Elijo Hills and have always been included in the spirit of the contest  …Enjoy  “Life in The Hills” .

Go shopping on San Elijo Hills this holiday season

What is your most-wished-for gift this year? Visit any of the model homes in San Elijo Hills’ new neighborhoods or the Visitor Center between October 21 and November 30, and you could be the lucky winner of a $2,500 VISA gift card.

Use your winning gift card to take advantage of the great shopping and dining opportunities at San Elijo Hills’ own Town Center. Or present it anywhere that VISA cards are accepted.

Make San Elijo Hills your number one destination this holiday season. It’s the one place where you can Win Your Wish List.

Click here to learn more. 


The door bell rings … Ella calls out, “Who is it?”

She eagerly wants to open the door. “No, No, Ella. Let Mommy look through the peep hole 1st.”

Michelle sees no one?

Michelle opens the door and 3-foot, 3.5 year-old Cloe from next door is standing by herself.
She sputters out “Can can can can Ella come over and play now?”

They walk next door like two pre-teens about to text a vote for Sanjaya.

We return inside our quiet house and make dinner.

Wow, this is what we have been dreaming of for so long and why we moved to San Elijo Hills 2.5 years ago.

A little change would make a world of difference…


A San Elijo Life Reader sent us this retouched photo

Reader Wrote: I’m no artist — and I know just enough PhotoShop to be dangerous — but I took your photo of the hideous Chevron Station from the SEHLife site and retouched the teal to dark blue, just to see how it would look. Seems that even that little change would make a world of difference….

San Elijo Life also feels paint & design issus are more complex then just the the trim.

San Elijo Life would like to see a comprehensive review of all town center construction and design by resident representation. Potentially the volunteer SEH architecture review committee could review and share feedback back with residents. This format is used successfully in Rancho Santa Fe.

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