Cell Phone Coverage in San Elijo Hills

Letter we received from frustrated San Elijo Hills resident:

I’m a San Elijo Hills resident and an avid reader of this blog with a question I hope you can answer. Is there any way to rally the residents of our neighborhood regarding getting more cell towers installed? Is there anyway the San Elijo Life Blog can be used to help draw attention to this cause? My wife and I have lived here since 2004 – first in Westridge and now in the Azure/Saverne community. In both homes over these past five years our cell service has been horrible – my wife with Verizon and me with AT&T. We’ve tried various phones and when we entertain on weekends, our friends have the same issues with a slew of carriers. I work from a home office and have to pay for a land line simply because cell service is so horrible out here. I would’ve dropped the home line years ago if that weren’t the case. I can’t imagine we’re the only SEH residents with this complaint. That said, the million dollar question remains — how do we take action? How do we rally other frustrated residents? There is ZERO reason an up and coming community like ours is in the dark ages regarding cell phone coverage. I would be glad to get on board… write letters… rally troops. Whatever it takes. It only took five years, but I’m finally at my breaking point regarding this matter. Please advise as to how we can solve this problem for our neighborhood.

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  • It is ironic, now that we have a main arterial road servicing 10,000+ trips a day, that service is almost nonexistent over the top of Twin Oaks as well as many parts of SEH. Please post any updates to this issue so we can attempt to generate enough buzz to get some action.

  • I’m with you. I often work out of my home and the irony is that I can actually look outside my window and see the cell (tree) tower and yet I receive only one bar. My short term solution has been to forward my incoming calls to my land line when at home but that is a hassle as I need to keep switching it back when I depart.
    I’m wondering if they have actually activated the tower completely. I’ll inquire and post their response. I’ll call att first.

  • We live in Woodley’s Glen and we use Sprint and have zero, nada, zilch. Once we turn down Questhaven from S.E. Road towards home, we enter the dark ages and lose all coverage

  • I agree with you. I don’t want to live in the dark ages when it comes to cell coverage at San Elijo Hills. Heck we have power line towers along Elfin Forrest, why not attached cell towers to those and be done with it. It’s kinda of sad for an upscale community to always say “can you hear me now?” or get “call failed.”

  • We live in Morgan’s Corner and our coverage is flawless there. But as soon as I get on SE Road and head up over the hill to Twin Oaks, forget it. But I definitely feel your pain in that you can’t cancel your land line. As soon as our coverage in our house was good, we canceled the land line ASAP.

  • Our cell service is horrible in Azure. I have tried every carrier. The only thing that may help is the network extenders that the cell companies are coming out with. Some already have them. They plug into your internet service and your call goes through the internet. Doesn’t even use your minutes. I know we shouldn’t have to use/buy anything to make our phones work, but it is a solution for now.

  • Would you like to let AT&T know when your iPhone has dropped a call? Well, now there is an app for that.

  • AT&T has a new tower going up in Dec 2013.

  • I went back to AT&T today to get the exact location, and I was told that whoever showed it to me yesterday, shouldn’t have done that. My best recollection is that it was South of San Elijo Hills Road, and more East than the East end of Hollowbrook Court. The map he showed me didn’t have satellite overlay, just a topography map. But it definitely wasn’t the Fire Station. I went to AT&T’s official tower site (www.atttowers.com), and they only show 2 towers South of the 78, until you get to Rancho Santa Fe. The map I was shown by the AT&T guy showed about 25 towers throughout SEH, so it was likely he was showing me all towers that AT&T can piggyback on. But for sure, AT&T puts up towers based on the number of complaints, so if you have an App to report a weak or no signal, just keep registering them in the App, and the numbers will get us better coverage.

  • Live corner of San Elijo Hills Rd & Eclipse Drive just past Questhaven. Sprint coverage is non existent at our house. Considering switching to AT&T but unaware of their coverage in the area

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