San Marcos City Council meeting on speed limits and tax collection

The San Marcos City Council voted on speed limits for the new road between Twin Oaks Valley and San Elijo roads. San Elijo Road from Questhaven to Double Peak roads will be 45 mph; San Elijo to Double Peak to Ledge Street will be 50 mph; and South Twin Oaks Valley from Ledge to South Village Drive will be 50 mph.To Watch actual hearing click here highlights included concern about 9% grade and gravity assisted speeds vehicles are reaching. Some analysis of cross walk of School House way and San Elijo Road was also discussed. Traffic volumes have been collected and will be reported soon. 4 deer strikes have been recorded and adjustments to animal under crossing are needed. The council voted to adopted suggested speeds.

Tax collection on forecloses for special assessments
RESOLUTION NO. 2007-6948 – COMMUNITY FACILITIES DISTRICT NO. 91-02 – CESSATION OF SPECIAL TAX LIEN. The recording of a Notice of Cessation of Special Tax Lien for certain properties within Community Facilities District No. 91-02.

Currently city of San Marcos has 73 cases of delinquent property tax cases and would like to move forward on foreclosure to keep up it’s end of the deal with bond holders. Chris Orlando disqualified himself from the vote as he lives with in 500 feet of 2 distressed homes on the list of 73. The staff explained that most homes owners do not respond to communication attempts from San Marcos city officials. It was also emphasized that city is open to payment programs and hardship cases. the Council voted to adopted this resolution.

Is is fair to assume that most of the 73 home are in San Elijo Hills?

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