City of San Marcos Building codes and plan submittal updates announced for residents and contractors

The City of San Marcos’ building division has made a few important updates to its building design criteria, solar application process and plan review. The City of San Marcos’ building division oversees permit processing, plan review, permit issuance and building inspections on new construction and alterations of residential and commercial structures.

Building design criteria for developments has made an adjustment in relation to the 2023 Building Codes. Design criterion will be based on the 2022 California Building Codes for projects where the permit application is submitted after Jan. 1, 2023. The City utilizes these building codes to perform plan reviews and inspections on all alterations and new construction throughout the City. The building codes help establish the minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare through structural strength, means of egress, access to people with disabilities, sanitation, adequate lighting and ventilation and energy conservation. For further details, please check the Building Design Criteria webpage on the City website

For contractors processing residential solar permits, the City’s new SolarAPP+ feature offers an expedited permit process and permit issuance. SolarAPP+ offers a code-compliance plan check for many residential roof-mounted solar systems. After receiving plan review approval through SolarAPP+ the contractor can process their own permit on the City’s online permitting system (E-TRAKiT) and issue their own building permit. Contractors can check the SolarAPP+ Checklist on the City website to identify which systems are eligible. 

Those who are working to submit a building permit application that requires plan review, must be aware of the plan formatting requirements prior to submitting to the City for review. Plan checks were previously processed via hard copy but are now switching to electronic submittals which have certain requirements for proper submission. The plan submittal requirements can be found on the Plan Check webpage. Once the plans have been formatted per the City’s requirements, applicants can submit their submittal package electronically. Details on submittal guidelines can be found on the City website

For additional information, please contact the Building Division, through email at or by phone at (760) 744-1050 ext. 3244.

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