City of San Marcos, CA: City launches new San Marcos Saturdays volunteer program

City launches new San Marcos Saturdays volunteer program

The City of San Marcos has a new volunteer program called San Marcos Saturdays that will bring homeowners and local volunteers together to improve the look of community neighborhoods. The program was established to help implement the recently adopted Property Value Protection and Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance.

The program offers one-time assistance to low-income, disabled and/or senior-aged residents who need help complying with the new ordinance.

Volunteers who have registered to work under the San Marcos Saturdays program will help disadvantaged residents with things like landscaping and trash removal.

San Marcos Saturdays will occur on an as-needed basis as qualified properties are identified.

Volunteers are asked to register on the city’s website. Interested homeowners needing assistance must meet with the program coordinator in order to be added to the San Marcos Saturdays list.

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