City of San Marcos, CA: Deputies, volunteers to ramp up retail patrols during holidays

In cooperation with the countywide “Holiday Watch” effort, the City of San Marcos and the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station announced today that they will be ramping up patrols in two popular San Marcos shopping areas during the holiday season. The effort will be done to help curtail thefts during the busy shopping season.

“We believe high visibility patrols on-site combined with educational outreach efforts during peak shopping days will keep San Marcos residents safe and sound this holiday season,” explained San Marcos Sheriff’s Captain Kirby Beyer.

San Marcos’ program will be focused around the City’s two largest shopping centers: Grand Plaza and Nordahl Center. Sheriff’s mobile command vehicles will be stationed at both locations starting on Monday, November 29 and will remain in place until Thursday, December 23. The vehicles will be staffed by sheriff’s deputies and crime prevention staff.

Senior volunteer patrol officers will also be there to hand out educational materials to shoppers during the operation. The handouts will focus on safe holiday shopping practices. The volunteers will also increase their patrols along with the sworn deputies.

For more information about the San Marcos Holiday Watch program, please call Communications Officer Jenny Peterson at (760) 744-1050, ext. 3169.

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