City of San Marcos launches a new GIS portal to provide new levels of data transparency

The City of San Marcos announced the launch of its new public-facing GIS, or geographic information system, to provide the community with a new transparent resource for exploring the City’s features, elevations, trails, land use areas, transportation lines, boundaries and zoning, among other data points.  

Available resources include more than a dozen interactive maps to help residents gain access to current details about San Marcos. Search queries can be saved and restricted to specific time periods for advanced, customized visualizations.   

“We are excited to announce this new evolution of GIS data available for our community,” said James Crandall, GIS program manager for the City of San Marcos. “Transparency is important to the City of San Marcos, and this new portal is easier to navigate and more customizable for improved searchability. Our goal is to share available data with our community, so everyone has access to the same information about our city.” 

The City of San Marcos’ new GIS website is powered by ArcGIS HUB, and was selected because of its improved functionality and ability to showcase more current data than the previous site. “We see it as a a bridge between the City of San Marcos and the community,” continued Crandall. 

Visit the City of San Marcos’ GIS website for more information

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