Complete Video and Photos from San Elijo Hills Town Center Development Meeting

Watch the Facebook Live video stream of the Town Center update from the developer Ambient Communities as they share proposed plans and elevations for development in the second phase of San Elijo Hills Town Center.

Join the conversation on our Facebook page with over 205 comments so far. Here are some design and overview maps and photos from the meeting.


BRADLEY ST NORTH CORNER Site Plan that goes with dimension plan Phase 1 (Click to see over view site map)SOUTH CORNER EAST CORNER-2 Site plan that goes with dimension plan All phases (Click to see over view site map)


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  • What are the chances of a Trader Joes in the Town Center?

  • So just an observation, while attending meeting I noticed out of the 2 realtor companies we have in San Elijo, only one was present. It’s kind of ironic that hundreds of thousands of $$$ in commissions is made. And only 1 comes to attend a meeting on the future of our community. I read in “Share” newspaper bout all the sponsership and garage sales that are put on. But any concern in our future as a community that is “after hours” is a different story. It sends a loud message to me, in who takes the money an runs and gives a lot of lip service. And a realtor company that goes the distance. Hometown it was good to see you there….. Jonsville shame on you…..speaks volumes on your true character …..

    • Nicolas Jonville

      Nicolas Jonville Here… Not only was I present, but more of our team members were there as well. I also spoke at the townhall microphone, as a broker, business owner and homeowner, showing my support and offering suggestions to Ambient regarding the type of businesses. Were we at the same meeting? Have you signed the petition that we put together to support the town center? You might want to change your comments above since they are inaccurate. We are looking forward to getting this built. Thank you Ron for correcting Chris. Best wishes to all of us for a (hopefully soon to come) better/larger towncenter! Thank you, Nico

  • Chris . . . Nicolas Jonville was not only AT the meeting, but he was one of the people who spoke. An apology might be in order.

  • The Jonville Team in is huge support of the town center and very excited to see the progress! I am a member of the team as well and was present with Nicolas at the meeting and have been a homeowner here since 2005. Nicolas was also in attendance last night at the San Marcos City Council meeting to present a petition he initiated to show the town’s support of the completion of the town center with over 200 signatures. The council was very receptive and positive, happy to hear about the support. For anyone interested in signing the petition to support our town center’s progress you may find the link at:

    “Like” us at Jonville Team real estate for future updates!

  • These designs are horrendous and does not match the existing small old century brick town feel. Not necessary to put in more condos either other than to help someone make a few million bucks off them. The neighborhood would be better served by making the entire space a retail area the neighborhood could use. Also modern architecture designs on this plan is incredibly in poor taste and whoever did it intentionally did it to save money instead of giving a modern design in a community dedicated to having an old European look. Look, I hope you other residents don’t buy into this cash in garbage of a plan. If you wanna see the right way to do this, look at the town center created in Rancho Santa Fe called the clouds…

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