San Elijo Hills Crime Update

Rumors are circulation about car break-ins in the Questhaven road area: Avalon, Windriver and Summer Moon within the last week, and San Elijo Hills Park parking lot by the softball fields on a Saturday afternoon 11/7/09 a…here a purse was left in the car.

Here are some reminders from 2008 SEH neighborhood watch event

To prevent burglaries, police said people should:

Lock all doors and windows when leaving home

Let people who knock on the door know that someone is at home

Be good neighbors and watch each other’s homes

Report all suspicious activity

Most home break-ins are from 10 A.M-3 P.M and last 3-7 minutes

98% of alarms in San Marcos are false with a 27 minute response time

1st place they go is master bedroom

2nd stop- family room for electronics and DVDs

99% of all car break-ins are cars not in a garage…typically Midnight-4 A.M

Don’t leave garage clicker in car parked outside of garage

Don’t leave any type of bags in car..diaper bag, backpack etc..

Typically who is doing the break-ins: Age 15-23 and live within 1/2 mile…not pros and have a drug habit looking for $20-$50 item to sell for cash to support drug habit

Call the non-emergency line on solicitors who are pushy 760 510-5200..give direction of travel..San Marcos sheriff like to check up on solicitors

Make contact through the door to let solicitors know your home, but don’t open door..”I’m busy or my husband is sleeping”

Always give physical address when you call 911…never say I’m in Crest View etc dispatchers are in Claremont for San Marcos sheriff and CHP is in Riverside.

If you call 911 on your cell phone it may not ring the sheriff dispatcher for SD may go to CHP dispatcher in Riverside…this is being corrected but is dependent on your cell phone carrier

Frustrating for Sheriffs to drive San Elijo and see garages open

San Diego County Crime Maps

San Marcos Crime Maps via

To participate in Neighborhood Watch program call 760 744-1050 x 3111

Good numbers to program into your cell phone:

San Marcos Sheriff (non emergency line) 760 510 5200

San Marcos Fire (non emergency line) 760 744-1050 x 3405

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  • Some change was stolen from my car a few nights ago. I live off questhaven. I can only blame myself as my doors were left unlocked. I am glad I am not the only one.

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