Dry weather conditions sending more wild animals into residential areas of San Marcos

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Alert from The City of San Marcos-

Several bobcat sighting have been reported near Via Vera Cruz in San Marcos and the surrounding trail areas this month; California Department of Fish & Wildlife has been notified.

Dry weather conditions can send more wild animals into residential areas in search of food and water.While adorable, these wild cats and other wild animals should only be admired from a distance.

Wild animals, like bobcats and mountain lions, are most active around dawn, dusk and at night. Small children and pets should not be left outside unattended during those times and pet food should be brought inside. Runners, hikers and joggers should also avoid traveling alone when wild animals are most active.

Other safety tips include installing motion-sensitive perimeter lighting around homes and trimming brush to reduce possible hiding places. Additionally, providing food to deer is illegal in California because it could attract mountain lions.

For more information, safety tips or to report bobcat and mountain lion sightings visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife www.dfg.ca.gov.

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