Elfin Forest Dog Breeder?

Dear San Elijo Life:

Three years ago, I bought a Jack Russell Terrier from a breeder. All I
remember is that I purchased the dog in the Elfin Forrest and the dog’s
mother’s name was Templeton (aka Cookie). Sadly, someone stole my dog.
My family loved that dog beyond measure. I know I can never replace
her, but if I can locate the breeder, maybe I can ease the pain a
little. This all may seem very silly, but our hearts are breaking. If
I could purchase another Jack Russell of the same line, it would help to
ease the pain.

I know I have given you very little information, but the Elfin Forrest
is a small place. If you know this woman, I would be very grateful if
you could provide me with her name or tell her I am looking for her.

Thank you for your consideration.

Steven Honse
(760) 353-6160


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  • You ever get him back? What the hell is wrong with people, stealing a dog? I can see if it was being abused… but not one that was being cared for!

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