• I just got back from the Baja 250, where I support the Honda team by running the Radio Relay.

    It’s too bad that, thanks to the enviro-nuts, we can’t still do this in CA.

  • Cool video!! Thanks a lot for posting.

  • I loved the video. Thank you so much for sharing. I am a native of San Diego, and I remember when my husband to be use to do that. San Diego was such a cool place to grow up.

    • San Diego could still be that cool, if places that were widely used by, and are totally suited to, dirt-bikes and quads, like Sage Hills (the parcel on the south side of questhaven) were still open to wheeled vehicles.

      However, the current “outdoor ethic”, as espoused by the “four legs good, two legs OK, wheels bad” crowd, is only for hikers and, barely, horseback, so most of the backcountry is unreachable for most people.

      We’ve gopt lots of open space, and the runners and hikers have a plethora of places here. Can’t us wheelers have ONE place closer than 2 hours away?

  • I used to camp and ride at Elfin Forest campground and the surrounding areas from 68-74. I miss it dearly. After riding all day, we would hang out at night around the camp store and listen to the square dance caller and crack jokes. It was an amazing time. Too bad we deon’t have a safe and wholesome place like that for our own kids and grandkids… There was also a guy named John that had horses for rent, and he would trade us a motorcycle for a horse for a few hours. can you imagine that happening these days? Thanks for posting the video, and for the great memories.

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