Fire families say thank you | San Diego 6 News

SAN DIEGO –  Looking Back at the May 2014 Firestorm: How A Community Showed Thanks to Firefighters Who Saved Their Homes. When the Cocos Fire roared through San Marcos last May, Stephanie Cowan wondered if her San Elijo Hills home would survive the flames. “Its was so scary,” she says remembering that day. “Neighbors were packing their cars as I was driving home. You could see the flames.” After the fire, she says she was overcome with relief and gratitude for the firefighters who saved her home. “Everyone who came back was so thankful that our houses were still here and I just wanted to capture that, express that.” Cowan did capture that emotion by producing a video featuring many of her neighbors thanking firefighters.

Source: Fire families say thank you | San Diego 6 News 

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