Gang Fight in San Elijo Hills Town Square

This is what was reported by a San Elijo Hills Town Center Resident:

Last night 1.3.08 at 10:30pm, there was a nearly fatal gang fight and arrest next to the San Elijo Hills fountain in the town square. Apparently, San Marcos gang members tried to stab one another and a San Elijo Hills resident was able to call 911 to break up the incident.


  • We need gates with security guards on both ends of SEH!

  • These gang injunctions are cleaning up the bad parts of S.M., but they are pushing the gangsters & there problems into our neighborhoods.

    SEH generates more than its fair share of taxes for San Marcos.
    We NEED a Police Station/Outpost in the town square. We are miles from the sheriff station, and it is unacceptable.

    • concerned resident

      That is a great idea. With the new construction going on in the town square, A small sub station (store front) would show a positive police presence.

      A store front would offer deputies a place to complete crime reports, interact with SEH residents and a chance to be visible to potential crooks in the area. A store front offers a small town feel. This could be a great opportunity to build a relationship between law enforcement and the community.

      One more thought.. We could possible have space for a community watch in the same station. This way concerns of the community could be addressed and the community watch could get training from professionals. There is nothing better than community oriented policing.

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