Guest Post From a San Elijo Life Reader & a San Elijo Elementary Concerned Parent

Every decision you make shapes your life in one-way or another. Whether the decision is to shop at a certain grocery store and you meet the love of your life.  Or, maybe it is that you walk by the pet store and the next thing you know you are the proud owner of a furry family member.  Or, maybe you are running late to pick up your kids and decide that just this once you will make that illegal u-turn to get that prime parking spot.  But, this decision doesn’t positively shape your life.  This time a small child is tucked behind the rear of an SUV; you don’t see her.  You hit her and now, this sweet child is forever bound to a wheelchair.  Forever, your life, her life and many other lives are tragically changed.  Can you live with that guilt?

Did you know that in traffic accidents involving children, about one-third of children are injured getting in or out of a vehicle and one-fifth when a child comes out from behind a parked car? Or that one-third of injuries occur when a child is crossing the street while disobeying a traffic signal, and 10 per cent when crossing properly? (Andre’ Picard, The Globe and Mail, 10/29/1999)  These statistics support the need for us adults to adhere strictly to the traffic laws and use our own good judgment during the hectic time of  San Elijo Elementary drop off and pick up where over 1300 children are excitedly filling the streets and parking lots surrounding the school.

Time and time again, I hear parents asking their children is that a good choice or a bad choice?  I am begging you, please ask yourself the same question everyday during drop off and pick up.  How could this decision impact my life?  How can it impact another life?

Additionally, I beg those of you who witness this dangerous decision-making: Do something.  Your decision to do something may prevent a tragic outcome of someone else’s poor decision.

– A very concerned parent.


  • Thank you, Very Concerned Parent!

    If I might add to the illegal parking/driving that takes place in front of SEES, is the jaywalking too. Every morning, I see a pedestrian escorting their children across the street from the west side of Schoolhouse Way to the exit portion of the driveway of SEES. Not only is that parent endangering the lives of the children they are illegally walking across the street, but also the people that are having to come to a stop to allow the illegal jaywalkers across; now two parties are being endangered…those walking illegally, and those stopping mid-stream during the flow of traffic. Finally, then off my soap box, please do not allow your children to exit on the driver’s side of the car…so very dangerous! Have your children exit on the passenger/sidewalk side of the car! I truly hope it doesn’t take a horrific accident for our eyes to be open to the safety of all involved!

  • Making a u-turn over the double yellow on Schoolhouse is NOT ILLEGAL. Further, it is NOT “jaywalking” to cross here either as it is not between two intersections controlled by signals.

    • I think the point about making a uturn and jaywalking are not to deem what is legal or illegal but rather what is safe and not safe. There are many children as well as traffic at these areas…is it really safe to be crossing the street with children in any area other than a crosswalk?? NO!! As for the uturn being made, is getting the prime spot really that big of a deal? If it is to you maybe try to show up earlier rather than making uturns. Let’s not focus on the legality of these issues but rather the safety of the children, your children, involved!

  • Vehicle Code, while crossing a double yellow to make a u turn is not legal in safe conditions. It is always illegal, according to Ca law in unsafe conditions. If you have seen Schoolhouse Way at 3:00, it is unsafe. And to make that u turn to shimmy into a parking spot which is on the wrong side of the road is also unsafe. And, walkng across the middle of schoolhouse way when you can walk 50 feet further to cross at the cross walk, is that good decision making? These children are younger than 11.
    Focus on the spirit of the article and thank the adults in this town who care enough to watch out for the kids.

  • Thank you all for focusing on the issue of safety and not the legalism at hand. The focus is ALL of our children, and their safety.

  • Should we see if we can get a stop sign and painted crosswalk at the exit location? The school would have to hire another crossing guard, but if it keeps the kids safe it would be money well spent.

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