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This question came in from a reader:

We’ve been living in SEH for over 3 years.  We knew we had hard water and been reluctantly living with it but it’s taking a visible toll on our showers, dishwasher etc.  I can only imagine what our pipes look like at this point.  Do you know anyone that can recommend an economical solution that works?

Thanks for all you do.  You have a great website!

SEH Resident


  • It hasn’t been bad for me here, but where I lived before the water was very hard and I solved the problem by installing a water softener. You can get these through businesses like Culligan. Hope it helps.

  • I just ordered a water softner thru boncor. It is free installation and a free trial for 30 days.

    Hope that helps. I have had soft water in the past and it does make a difference.

  • We lived in Springfield & now Woodley’s Glen. We had a water softener through Culligan. The potassium or salt that water softeners use, unfortunately, mix with the chlorine in San Diego’s hard water and completely errod the pipes over time. After 3 years in Woodley’s, our water heater went down and, when the pipes were inspected, there was lots of damage. The only solution is a whole home filtration system. The one we bought is called HALO. Unfortunately, it’s about $5,000.00, but there was no other option or further damage would be done. DON’T USE WATER SOFTENERS. They were quite popular years ago, but know one knew about the damage they cause.

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