It’s a brand new year & Pistachio has the perfect way to start it off

It’s a brand new year, and Pistachio has the perfect way to start it off: Redken’s brand new Shape Control system! These new collections come in two flavors; one for straightening hair (Urban Smooth) and another for making those curls and waves (Urban Curls). Shape Control is fantastic because it achieves Brazilian keratin treatment results without the use of Formaldehyde (an irritant and a carcinogenic that can cause serious health risks if inhaled).

The Pistachio Urban Smooth service provides:

  • Ultimate straight, smooth results that last
  • Volume and frizz control, even at high humidity levels
  • Thermally reconditioned hair that is softer, smoother and shinier than before the service
  • An alternative to achieve the popular Brazilian keratin treatment results

And if you’re looking to reduce curls and volume but don’t want straight results, ask your stylist about the Cold Smoothing Service. This technique is performed without the use of a flat iron to provide smoother, more manageable hair that retains some of its natural texture.

The Pistachio Urban Curls service provides:

  • Customizable curl patterns using a curling iron
  • Lasting frizz control and durable volume
  • Thermally reconditioned hair that is softer and shinier than before the service

Special Introductory Offer

Pistachio is celebrating the launch of this new texturizing system with a brand new special offer to go with it. If you come in any time from now until the end of January you’ll get a free haircut (worth $55+) with your Shape Control service! Prices start at $200, depending on the length and texture of the hair, and, unlike some other systems, are completely formaldehyde-free.

To book your appointment or a complimentary consultation, please call Pistachio’s salon coordinators at (760) 230 4880.


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