Jake wants to do something BIG to help raise money for Rady Children’s Hospital.

Jake wants to do something BIG to help raise money for Rady Children’s Hospital.

On November 3rd, Jake will be riding his bike in a 50k event, which translates to about 32 miles with over 2,000 feet of elevation gain. Think about how long it takes just to drive 32 miles, and now imagine doing that on a bike, at 8 years old.

Why Rady Children’s Hospital? Four years ago Jake had a seizure unexpectedly in the backseat of a car while his mom was driving him to summer camp. Over the next several months his seizures continued, and doctors identified an area of abnormal activity in his brain and diagnosed him with epilepsy. With the help of the Rady’s doctors and staff, Jake was able to find a medication that has kept him seizure-free for the last four years. Now, Jake wants to help other kids, and let them know that he cares about them and so do others.

This December after his big bike ride, Jake will have the opportunity to further show his support for the children at Rady’s in person by joining Rady Children’s Light the Way Celebration, where he and other participants will shine lights up to the windows of the hospital letting young patients know that “we’re here for you and we’re thinking about you.”

Jake wants you to know that he will be working extra hard to show how much he appreciates your donation and support to achieve this lofty goal. Rady Children’s Hospital has 501c3 status and your donation is 100% tax-deductible. The donation process is fast, easy and secure. Please send this page to any friends who might be interested in donating.

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