Last Weekend To Submit Ballots San Elijo Hills Election

Time to VOTE!

This weekend is the last weekend to submit your ballot for the San Elijo Hills measure to recall and re-elect the San Elijo Hills Board of Directors.  There are many San Elijo Hills neighborhoods that have not yet met quorum requirements.

The San Elijo Hills Association office (at the Visitor Center) will be staffed on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. to assist homeowners with this process and provide new ones ballots for those homeowners who misplaced them.

There are three ways to submit your ballot:

1) Drop it in the ballot box located at the Visitor Center prior to March 10.
2) Mail it to the Inspector of Elections so that it is received prior to March 10.
3) Bring it to the meeting on March 10 at 10:00 a.m. at Walters Management.


  • No matter what: vote.

    Keep in mind 2 things:

    1: The vote for or against the recall is independent of the vote in case the recall passes. You can vote no on the recall and still (and you SHOULD) vote for your 4 (no more, no less) choices in case the recall succeeds.

    2: The question asked in the recall is do you think the board should be recalled. Specifically, it asks if you think the reasons advanced in the petition merit the recall. Ask yourself if the board has done anything to merit a recall, and if the reasons advanced in the petition warranted putting the community through this. Understand that Yes on the recall validates the whole process and rationale, and no says you don’t agree with one or the other (or both).

    Unless you truly believe the current board to be evil, or to have done something to merit a recall, vote NO on the recall, so that we can prevent a precedent that elections are not a stopping point in a campaign, unless there is malfeasance or electoral fraud.

    • I feel Tom got the most important message right in his blog, and that is everyone needs to get their votes in.

      I agree with the other part of his message that the current board has done nothing wrong. They weren’t even in office or held any meetings when the recall petition was signed. And every time someone asks about this mysterious email that Ron sent around to the neighborhood reps when he was getting the petition signed, the mysterious email has never been produced on this blog, creating more suspicion as to who is really behind the recall. Seems the only people the current board has upset is the developer, and apparently a handful of people that have decided to side with the developer. Because the community voted overwhelmingly in the first election for the current board showed that the current board was doing what the community wanted. We voted for them just like everyone else and we were happy that residents were going to be on the board. The only reason people would talk negatively towards the current board that we all voted in is if there is some other motive.

      Once again, I would like to see the mysterious email produced, otherwise we should all be suspicious of anyone posting anything negative about the current board.

      Because it was never produced, and still hasn’t after repeated requests, caused my wife and I to vote no on the recall. If the information in this mysterious email that Ron sent out was good enough to send to our neighborhood reps to convince them to sign the petition, then it should be good enough to post it here in its entirety for the community to see. Since it still hasn’t been posted is silent proof that something is awry with this recall.

      I think that for every person that says something negative about the current board, then ten more people should ask again that this mysterious email be produced. Only then will we know the real motives behind the petition.

      And if you can’t say anything positive about the current board or the other people who are running, then just stay silent. These people are all our neighbors that are running. Is this the way you would like to treat someone that is volunteering to help our community? Lets say constructive things about the people that are running or if you don’t agree, then use your voting voice instead.

      We did. We already sent in our ballot. We voted no on the recall. We cast our contingency votes for Tuller, Snyder, Cappellazzo and Kirkland. Some people in the last blog asked why we would vote no, and then vote for a couple of the current board people and a couple other people and wondered if that was an inconsistent message. We would be happy with the existing board and voted no on the recall because we don’t want people doing recalls just for no apparent valid reasons. But if the recall passes, then there are a couple new faces that are running like Kirkland, and so we feel we are picking the best of the people that are running with our four contingency votes. I gave all the reasons for why we picked these four people in my prior blogs and I did so very constructively because all of the people running are our neighbors. Lets all try to remember that.

      And I’ll say Tom’s main point one more time. Vote.

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