Let the world be your gym!

Sole April 2015 SE Life
If you’re looking to get fit, take your fitness to the next level or fine-tune your current routine to reach new goals, personal training can help. No gym membership? No problem? Don’t limit yourself by location and let the world be your gym. We can workout at the beach, in the park, in your home, wherever suits your fancy.
Together, we will develop a program to suit your specific needs. We specialize in functional training and the use of your own body weight for resistance. The idea is to create strength in a functional way that allows you to live your life the way you want to: keeping you strong enough for not only tackling your fitness goals, but tackling your day-to-day obligations as well. We will design a program to help you get fitter, stronger and more powerful without any hoopla to distract you from your goals. And our workouts can be done anywhere. No gym is required.
To learn more, check out our website: http://bit.ly/SolePT  
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