Live Blogging School Board Meeting School Boundaries

6/10/13 6:51

Agenda item 3 – DELAC – district learner advisory committee

This program is to be an advocate for English learner students in the district and help provide support for families.

This group is asking for a member of the Latino group and or a member of the DELAC to be invited to the PAC meeting and area boundaries meeting.

Agenda item 4 – construction San Marcos High School update

Today the sports facilities are moving into the gym.

Facilities has moved off campus and equipment and this will help with cost for leases.

Building G is beginning for construction the big field lights are down.

They are working on the intersection and traffic flow this summer.

Will be completing the basketball courts outside for kids to use next year.

When school starts next year, the students will still be entering and editing the school the same way.

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