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6/10/13. 8:28

The new principal for the new K-8 school is Steve Baum. He is currently the principal of Twin Oaks Elementary.

The new Music Director for the new K-8 school is Charlie MCGhee. Current award winning music director at San Elijo Middle.

The K-8 school at this time will accept intradistrict transfers.

??? There is a finger in San Elijo Hills that is not yet developed that is scheduled to go to Mission High School and a board member is not comfortable splitting up San Elijo hills for High school.
It will be noted and discussed.

Who will go where and when? If you child is in 1st grade in 2013-2014 then in 2015-2016 your child will be in 2nd grade at the K-8 school.

The boundaries have not been approved or finalized by board.

2013-2014. 2015-16

K. 2= k-8

1. 3= k-8

2. 4= k-8

3. 5= Family Option

4. 6= k-8

5. 7= Family Option

6. 8= Family Option


  • No attendance lines but we have a principal? Something is not right here…what about all kids being bussed in while my neighbor across street sends kid to another school much farther away…sounds like this school zoning isn’t set up right and it’s about building things we don’t need while we close schools like La Costa Elementrey while my kids schools now over crowded. Did mention the low income who we keep paying for when my kid now needs to be bused out…yes! I’m mad not just upset. We pay $450 extra a month so I can drive past the school my kids can’t go to. Yep! Mad here and I may even move out of Cali over this. It’s not right!

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