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    Why would you promote such a STUPID, DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL activity?

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  • Skateboarding IS NOT a CRIME

    • No it’s not, but not wearing a helmet is, so is not following traffic laws and I am sure there has to be a law about holding on to a moving car while on a skateboard.

  • Good use of the helmet…….
    Free exchange of ideas and media is one thing…..but there are a lot of kids looking at this site and “promoting” videos that show kids doing dangerous things without safety equipment is in poor form.

    Skateboarding is AWESOME….just would have liked to have seen someone with a helmet on…..

    • Then don’t let your kids watch these videos! Stop blaming the world for the problems you create.

      • It’s just a stupid idea to have a community website promote something dangerous and as another poster pointed out, illegal. (breaking helmet and traffic laws)

        As members of this community, We have a right to express our opinion about what is posted in the community paper or on the community website.

        And as much as I would like to be up my kids butts 24/7, that just isn’t possible for me or most other parents. Thankfully I have taught my kids not to do stupid stuff that can get them killed. Not all kids are lucky enough to have parents that do that.

  • I don’t mind skateboarding when it is done in a safe manner. But doing it without a helmet and in the middle of the street is very dangerous. Yes I am a party pooper, but this is a stupid video to have on your site. If that young man is younger than 18, he is breaking the helmet law. I believe that there is a law prohibiting skating on public streets, but I can’t find the exact wording, but at the very least, by riding recklessly he is breaking the traffic law. Why would our community promote something so completely ridiculous and dangerous. Shame on you!

  • as a longboarder who skates this hill regularly with a helmet and full pads it makes me mad because i know its guys like this, getting exposure like this (and its never the otherway around), that will ruin a good spot like DPD, on that note, i would also like to point out that also, as a longboarder, YOU CAN’T LONGBOARD IN A SKATEPARK, thats like telling a surfer to go to swimming pool….. also skateboards don’t have brakes or turn singals so i don’t see how he breaks traffic laws, cyclist are basically doing the samething and im tired of guys like this who MAYBE ride thier board 2-3x a month going out and making fool of themselves and in turn making a bunch of people with nothing better to do get angry to the point that they ban riding on a good hill~ WGF

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