Lowe’s in San Marcos Closing

San Marcos Lowes Closing


Lowe’s in San Marcos is closing and promoting a new location in Carlsbad at 2515 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, Ca 92008 

You will recall the UT article last spring that implied some blame on San Elijo Hills  for the closing of Lowe’s in San Marcos. We don’t think the blame should be placed on San Elijo Hills. Read our Editorial response.from last spring.

What do you think San Elijo Hills?



  • I can explain the Lowe’s closing in two words: Home Depot.

  • I go to both the Lowe’s and the nearby Home Depot (just across 78 on San Marcos Blvd) pretty often. I’ve never seen anything close to a crowd in either one. The Encinitas Home Depot, on the other hand, is always busy. I don’t think San Marcos has enough hardware demand to support both a Home Depot AND a Lowe’s so close together. But they did succeed in driving the Ace Hardware on Grand Ave. out of business.

  • I was just there on Saturday and didn’t see the sign. I may be taking advantage of the discount, but won’t particularly miss the store. I’m perfectly happy with my Home Depot across the street.

  • Who wrote the blowhardy article in response to the editorial on SEH? That had to be written by someone from our HOA. Sounds like a typical statist who thinks they’re big time–like our HOA.

  • The closing of Lowe’s is due to poor city planning, like the incomplete construction of SEH city center.
    Too easy to blame the residents…

  • Poor city planning I agree. SEH still has no Town Center 11 years after I moved in and was given that sales pitch, Over crowded schools, re zoning the tennis club to build more homes on questhaven. Poor planning for sure!

  • Talk about poor city planning, have you heard of the San Marcos Highlands project? They’re planning to rip out the last remaining open space area of N San Marcos and turn Las Posas into a major thoroughfare. San Marcos has a lot of unique features.. the City sees it all as space for more sprawl. http://sanmarcoshighlands.com/

  • The closing of the Lowes is due to the building of a Lowes in Escondido. Prior to that it was a busy store

  • I had heard they left because of the city of San Marcos charging them way to much in taxes and it was more cost effective to move.


    The city collects $587,000 in annual lease revenue from Lowe’s. The store opened in 2004 and anchors the city-owned Creekside Marketplace on Grand Avenue near state Route 78, home to Best Buy, In-N-Out Burger and several other stores.

  • As for the comment about La Costa’s Town Center, look what is happening to “lost mesa’s” here in San Elijo! I run the trails here and can’t believe how awful the Double Peak area is looking now! As I run up Double Peak from San Elijo Road, the stucco fencing creates a “tunnel effect” where I used to be able to view the hills and trees. Now homes are taking over even at the entrance of Double Peak Park!?! That is ridiculous! I also noticed that clean up has begun in and around the abandoned houses on Pearl and Quartz at the top of the gated community on Wild Canyon Road. I am sure construction will be in full swing up there now too! Now, because of all this growth, new schools need to be built! Of course, they are planning a new elementary school on another area of open spaced land across from the trailhead on Twin Oaks! I agree, this is a poorly planned community. Traffic is horrible already. What will it be like when this new school is built and all those new homes are purchased??? Our little town square (poorly planned for parking) isn’t going to suffice. Of course, people will bypass and flock to La Costa Town Square!

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