More Clues About San Elijo Sports Club

From:San Diego Business

Sales and Leases

San Elijo Sports Club LLC has purchased 3.1 acres at the intersection of San Elijo Road and Wild Canyon Drive in San Elijo Hills. The planned San Elijo Sports Club will be situated on resort-style grounds and feature panoramic ocean views. The proposed clubhouse will include facilities for weight training, cardio training, yoga, pilates, an Internet café, and men’s and women’s locker rooms. Information about the transaction has not been disclosed.


  • any update on this sports club? i dont see any activity. it says the opening day is early 2009. so when are they gonna start building it if its opening in early 2009?
    or just another lie to get people buy houses here.

  • Kurt Noland told the SEHA meeting they had lost funding, not a big surprise in this economy.

  • they lost funding? how the XXX did that happen? how da did they lose the funding. pisses me off. well im getting bunch of my neighbors to get documents and take them to the court.

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