• Looking forward to the opening.

  • Here we go again! Goodness……let’s hope the interior is gutted and they have a completely different set up than all the other failed cafes. Something is just not working with that space for the community. It’s going to take a drastic change to get people interested. If it’s the same old counter service cafe with a different name, that’s not going to get it done I’m afraid.

  • Hello San Elijo!

    I’m Chris Vulovic, the owner of Cafe Stoked, and a resident of San Elijo for the past year and a half. My sister has been a resident here for the past 10 years, so I have seen the different cafes come and go. We are dedicated to bringing a great cafe and different dining experience to the community. I’ve talked with a lot of you and we are open to all your suggestions and things we can do better. We are renovating the inside of the cafe and making some additions to the patio as well. Please feel free to give your suggestions on our facebook.com/cafestoked page or contact me directly at chris@cafestoked.com.

    Opening a new business is never easy, but we are committed to the long term for this business and the community, so please share the good, the bad and the ugly with me and we’ll do everything in our power to make this a success.


    Chris Vulovic

    • Chris, you should read all the comments on San Elijo’s Life’s other post titled “Restaurant/Café Opportunity In the Heart of San Elijo Hills”. There is lots of feedback and suggestions on that.

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  • Well, I gave it a good several months before I went in to try it. I wanted to give them time to work out the kinks and settle in, as all new establishment go through. I have tried every cafe that has occupied this space and, once again, I left disappointed. I don’t think anyone is destined to get this right. I spent $26 and got a meal that I left most of at the table. I ordered the blue cheese wedge & chorizo salad and the kids had sandwiches and smoothies. For starters, the smoothies had no flavor and just tasted like watered down juice. My kids were not only disappointed by the taste but “size small” was so teeny that they barely had anything to drink. Good think they had a water station in the cafe! On to the salad………it was basically a wedge of lettuce with dressing on it. That’s it! There were a few tomatoes scattered on the plate, but the most disappointing part was the chorizo. There really wasn’t any!! There were maybe 4 small flakes on each of the two wedges. I thought I was ordering a salad with some protein. The chorizo that was there was very hard and completely tasteless. When leaving, no one asked how the meal was. If I didn’t need to get back for a conference call, I would have stayed to ask for something different or, at the very least, to let them know it was not a good meal.

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