New online public records portal provides simple and transparent process for requesting city of San Marcos documents

City documents will now be easier to access in San Marcos thanks to a new public records portal being launched today. The portal allows people to request, track and access public records and documents as part of the California Public Records Act.

The new portal allows people to create an account, request records, track records response, and view records once available. Requests can also be made anonymously; however, anonymous requests are not trackable in the portal. 

All records requests and responsive documents will now also be accessible through the new portal.

Information about how to request city records and a link to the new portal can be accessed on the City’s Public Records webpage.  

 “The City is excited to offer this new resource to the community in its continued effort to be transparent and efficient with regards to its records management,” said San Marcos City Clerk Phil Scollick.  

Under the CPRA, the community has access to most city documents like City Council minutes and agendas, contracts, reports, ordinances, resolutions and more – except for those considered confidential, privileged, or otherwise exempt from disclosure.   

In addition to the online portal, residents can also request records by email, phone, in person or in writing. 

In accordance with the CPRA, the City of San Marcos will respond to public record requests within ten calendar days after receipt. If additional time is needed to locate, compile, or review responsive records, staff will contact the requestor. 

There is no cost to access public records at this time. 

For more information, please contact Deputy City Clerk Destiny Roig at (760) 744-1050, ext. 3114 or