The North County Beer Triangle Expands with Sublime Ale House | Grand Opening Oct 19th

A brand new restaurant is coming to the row –  Sublime Ale House – Eatery and yes, you guessed it, ALE HOUSE is coming to San Marcos’ Old California Restaurant Row October 19th (Grand Opening) and boasts a gourmet, comfort food-centric menu featuring an incredible array of craft beer choices (even beer masters will be waiting in line) and mouthwatering pizza (the crust has been tested in tireless research to develop the precise combination of bite, crunch and chew), mac n cheese (cheesier then you remember) and did we mention more craft beer than this brew-crazy capital has ever tasted! Sublime Bar rendering

This foodie-loving, beer connoisseur’s dream will feature 20 different pizzas, 48 craft beers on tap (2 casks & 50 bottles), 15 mac n cheeses and 10 varieties of grilled cheese all under one rustic meets modern roof. Wine is NOT forgotten here, In fact, Sublime offers up a revolutionary way of providing great wine –  by serving wine through a draft system (a practice more common for restaurants in San Francisco due to its proximity to Napa), from artisan wine producers in eight 5 gallon kegs, Sublime is able to skirt the issue of bottling costs and is able to serve phenomenal wines and more reasonable prices. Pairings here are like college buddies that have lost touch – one might arrive skeptical, but will leave with a rekindled love and appreciation for the notes that a brew will bring out.

Given Sublime’s location (along San Marcos Blvd), directly in the center of what is known as the North County Beer Triangle and in the heart of San Marcos, Sublime offers up the leisure and accessibility of a casual beer-drinkers lifestyle and the flavors of an epicurean experience.  This impressive spread of local and fresh focused fare is incomparable to any one restaurant in San Diego.

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  • Good Morning: We drove out to check out your restaurant last night (Friday) I am not sure what was going on but we waited over 45 min for our food. I had my 4yr old Grandson with us and luckily he was very patient or we would have had to leave. First off we ordered EXTRA Crispy Wings and had to send them back, which took at least 20 min for them to bring them back. Then our food took another 30 min. I know you are a new restaurant and still working out the quirks, but I do believe the manager knew we were having problems and NEVER once came over to our table to apologize. Our server kept apologizing for the kitchen !!!! Not her fault. We spent over $85.00 and do feel we should be compensated in someway !!!!

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