• Pic396 Driving South on I-5 just past the truck scales
    Oct 22 About 10+ CDF & police vehicles heading into Rancho Santa Fe through
    Olivenhain on RSF road.
    Oct 22 Coming home after being evacuated – Entering through the gates at
    Oct 22 Downed trees in our neighborhood from the high winds – Baylor Drive
    in Savern.
    Oct 22 Fire trucks on Del Dios Hwy in between the (still smoking) Crosby
    Estates on the left of picture & Cielo on the right.
    Oct 22 Looking down our street (Genoa Way in Azure). That is smoke not
    Oct 22 Looking East towards Cielo. This is the fire some could see from
    Oct 22 Looking up our street (Genoa Way in Azure).
    Oct 22 Looking west from houses just above ours (Milan Way in Azure)
    Oct 22 More downed trees (Venice Ave. in Azure)
    Oct 22 Off Harmony Grove Rd. Tree previously burned with sun setting in the
    Oct 22 Our neighbors pool in Azure.
    Oct 22 Azure neighbors, the Kleins, @ the house we evacuated to in Cardiff.
    Oct 22 Sun setting into the smoke – Cielo houses in bottom left corner.
    Oct 22 Sydney & Jordyn Klein (Azure neighbors)
    Oct 22 West view from the San Elijo Rd & Questhaven intersection
    Oct 23 Ash & debris filled pool in Azure (Looking north towards San Elijo
    Rd, Westridge & West Cliff).
    Oct 23 Lots of ash in our pool.
    Oct 23 Our pool thick with ash & other debris (notice the light on?).
    Pic389 Driving south on the I-5 just after it reopened. San Onofre Nuclear
    Power Plant on right.
    Pic394 Driving south on the I-5 – fire burning in Pendleton.

  • wow thanks for the photos Summer..nice job
    I posted them with your explanations under comments (not perfect solution but fast for me as I’m back at work)
    Thanks so much my cameras got evacuated and I still can’t find them in my car

  • I want to thank you so much for the pictures.
    We own a home there but were transfered up north
    I appreciate you being my eyes.
    Great Job!!

  • Great pictures, Summer–too bad the pictures have to be of something so devestating– but we need that information up here in Northern California.
    I think the owner/operator of Zando Tours shoul hire you for publicity photos–

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