Rancho La Costa Preserve Trail Work Day


Dear Rancho La Costa Preserve Enthusiasts,

We have been riding, running and hiking La Costa Preserve all year. The poor lad is beat up and wore out. Now is the time to get him back on his feet so we can ride it hard another year. Help some maintenance done on Saturday January 22, 2011. Tools will be provided, some hamburgers to fill your belly when we are done and some swag to make it your lucky day. Possible work will be on turns, water drainage, revegetation of social trails and whatever else we can conjure up such as revegetation of the adjacent area around the Boy Scout Kiosk on the summit.

Remember gloves sunscreen and water. Children are definitely invited, what better way to show them respect for nature and community service. RSVP to rich@sdmba.com or rfj1@cox.net

Time: 8:00am
Date : Saturday January 22, 2011
Place: Camino Junipero and Corte Romero

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