San Elijo Hills Chevron was robbed yesterday 4.22.09 for the 3rd time

Sources confirm San Elijo Hills Chevron was robbed yesterday 4.22.09 for the 3rd time…any more clues?
San Diego County Sheriff helicopter was in the air calling out for: Bald 25-30 year old Hispanic male black shirt muscular build at around 7:15pm 4.22.09


  • Sheriffs were all over this, hopefully they were able to apprehend him.

  • Thank goodness for the Albertson’s. At this point, you’d need to hold a gun to my head (pun intended) to get me to go into the Chevron food mart building. One of these days someone’s going to get shot during one of these robberies, and I’m making sure it’s not me.

    • Crime in San Elijo is unacceptable! In the neighborhoods, it is probably teens who need money for drugs. Get the parents in the neighborhoods involved. Regarding the Chevron, I think Chevron needs to provide security. I am sure the profit margin will support the effort. I echo the need to demand more police visibility, we should all be writing letters.

  • The sheriff dept needs to patrol the area especially around the square. I’m not talking about police giving out tickets either. That’s usually the only time I see a policeman around here. They need to be seen around the town square more often. This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am so tired of the crime occurring in San Elijo Hills. We have lived here for 2.5 years and have 2 children that go to the elementary and middle school. I will not allow either of my kids to enter the gas station anymore. It’s terrible that we all have to live in fear of what may happen next. If it’s not vandalism, or robberies, it’s attempted child abduction. Just a few weeks ago, on a Saturday night someone broke into both my car and my husband’s SUV while they were both parked in out own driveway, as well as attempted to break in our house by cutting our window screen (we were at home too). They stole everything in our cars they could and broke into our neighbor’s car across the street. We have already had 4 attempted break ins in the last 2 years. We live in Azure, a gated neighborhood off of Questhaven. I called and reported the incident to the police. I doubt it will make any difference. The crime just continues. 🙁

    • What’s the point of the gate then? How are they getting in? Tailgating? Doesn’t the gate have any video capability to track cars coming and going? Seems like your associate needs to take some action.

  • San Elijoans pay enough in taxes, to support 2 police cars, 24/7 to patrol our community. We are being ROBBED of our Tax Dollars, by not having any law enforcement allocated here.

    Write to the Mayor and Council and demand police in SEH.

    I sure as hell will!

    • The police didn’t even come out to my house when I reported that someone broke into our cars and attempted to break into our house. Although, one morning I brought my son to school at the elementary school, we got there early before the school opened, so we waited in our car in the “drop off area” for the school to open. After a couple of minutes I looked in the rear view mirror, to see a motorcycle cop parked behind us. He proceeded to give me a $71 ticket because my front tires went 3 inches in the “red zone”.

  • What was the nationality of the robber? Oh wait, nevermind…

    • I wonder if the robber was an illegal alien or child of one. I say close the borders.

    • Seriously? What was the nationality of the the man who killed people at the theater in Colorado, or the “Uni Bomber”, or the man who 2 yrs ago tried to attack me while I was running, but got away, etc., oh wait…(yes..caucasian).

  • You can’t depend on the police to protect you, it’s just not that way anymore. I personally will protect myself and my family by using smarts and “any means necessary”.

    I hope someone tries to break into my car and I have to suddenly “defend myself”.

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