San Elijo Hills Association 9.9.08 Meeting

The San Elijo Hills Athletic Club is approved by the City of San Marcos but having trouble securing funding to start construction. Residents have complained about dumping of yard and construction waste at the location.

The other side of the street, at the DH Horton site named Sonoma, also has become an unsightly storage place for construction supplies and debris. Luminara and Palisades residents are frustrated. DH Horton is rumored to be returning to the original approved build plan and build townhouses, with construction of Sonoma to start in the next year.

Luminara and Palisades are also having trouble getting final asphalt cap, functioning street lights, and final touches from the builder DH Horton. According to Curt Noland most builders post a bond for all the roads, sidewalks, drains, and street lights with that bond being released by the City after such improvements are completed. In today’s market some builders have not completed this work and not had their bonds released.

After some recent progress on tree removal (specifically pines), progress on the tree issues has slowed. A second brush management study like the Firewise 2000 report will be conducted. SEHA management/Walters management will have a meeting with San Marcos Fire department. SEH residents and the SEHA Board expressed concern about the lack of progress. Some SEH homeowners expressed frustration that fire season was here and, after one year of the SEH Tree Commission, no physical progress had yet been made. The SEHA Board reassured residents that they are pressing forward but have to study legal issues and funding for re- vegetation. They Actually may have to place the funding issue before SEH residents for a vote .

Some refreshing of the landscape in phase one of SEH was approved for Acacia and Sagewood, with some discussion of also refreshing the Westcliff entry and the SEH Peace Monument.

Similar to neigborhoods that came before that did not have builder-provided entry monuments like Waterford & Acacia , the Palisades is looking to gain approval for two entry monuments.

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  • so we are not having the sports club? i guess it was just a big lie to get people buy houses here. i knew it from beggining.

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