San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA) Updates


The Board of Directors continues to work hard to invest back into our community!  The following projects are in progress and part their 2022 goals:

  • New lighted community sign for the north entry (across from DPS)
    • Sign is currently being fabricated for install later this year.
  • Fountain renovation – in progress
    • We expect the renovations to the basin of the fountain to be completed by the end of the month
    • The submersible lights inside the fountain are being upgraded
  • Fountain square landscaping – almost complete
    • The landscape renovations to fountain square are nearly complete. The new light fixtures at the corners (by olive trees) and under the trellis are on backorder, but we are excited to see this space lit up for the upcoming holiday season.
  • Fountain square electrical upgrade – complete
    • Equipment and infrastructure upgrades were recently completed to improve the reliability of our holiday lighting installations. 
  • Irrigation Infrastructure Renovations – in progress
    • Great progress continues to be made to update the community’s irrigation infrastructure. Programming and flow sensing of our new smart controllers is nearly complete which will allow the association to better manage its water usage.
    • Drip conversions and plant material renovations to a native, water-wise palette continue throughout the community. 
  • NEW Stop Sign – Sagewood Way & Crescent Place
    • As a result of a homeowner concern, the City is adding an all-way stop sign at this intersection. Install is expected in September.

If you have any questions about these community improvement projects, please feel free to reach out to Walters Management at


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