San Elijo Hills -Double Peak Hill Climb Records

L'alpe D'double Peak

The climb through San Elijo Hills up to the new Double Peak Park has fast become a popular training climb for local cyclists, triathletes and runners.  Send us your time and we will post unofficial records. Use hash tag #doublepeak to chatter about the climb on Twitter.

Distance:      3.70 mi

Elevation Gain:     1,195 ft

6% Grade Percent Change

Scientific data thanks to Garmin; the two steep pitches on L’alpe D’Double Peak are 16% grades with a dash of 17% ouch!

*Palomar ascends 4,325 feet over 11.8 miles at an average grade of 6.5 percent. Alpe d’Huez ascends 3,708 feet over 8.6 miles at an average grade of 7.7 percent.

Standing Start: 45 MPH sign at San Elijo Road and Melrose.

Finish: The Top (tables)

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Email us your:



*Send photo of  timing device


9.4.09 Tom Kattus 24:00

9.8.09 Jake Jansen 20:45

9.8.09 Brandt Furgerson 22:36

2.24.09 Larry Shannon 17:14 PDF of power data

2.24.09  Karl Bordine 16:45 **** Best Time******

3.18.09 Mike Plumb 19:43

1.1.10 RaeLynn Milley 39.17

3.09.10 Stephen Park 17:57 PowerTap Data

5.28.10  Molly Polderman 24:13 **** Best Female Time******  Cycling Computer Photo


3/28/10 Martin Liljenback  39:07
This was without a bike (running)

Stay safe and give cycling and running a good name (trash, cars and traffic laws)

Jelly Belly Pro Cycling 2010 team video shot on Double Peak

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