San Elijo Hills Front Entry Renovation Project Update

This week we are wrapping up the demo phase of the front entry renovation project. In the next few weeks you’ll begin to see rock work and renovations being done to the pond, regrading of the soil, and the first phase of our electrical upgrades.

As mentioned in our last correspondence, this project is being driven by ongoing maintenance challenges. In addition to the invasive roots that were compromising our front entry, the pond was constructed in such a way that when turned off, the lowest pond does not have the capacity to contain all the water as the uppermost ponds drain into it. We will be making some changes to the pond area next week to be able to raise the water level to increase its visibility, but also minimize flooding potential. We will be regrading the area to create some depressions to divert water, as well as increase visibility of the pond, it’s waterfalls, and our new lighted welcome sign with water feature.

As that work is performed, we’ll have our electricians out trenching and laying conduit for our new landscape lighting. With those beautiful rock walls now exposed, we’ll be adding Hunter’s FXLuminaire lighting system that will really bring these renovations to life. The Luxor Lighting Controller, combined with RGBW versions of their LED fixtures will give us the enhanced capability of creating event and holiday based lighting themes. We have attached some rendering of what the area will look like lit up at night.

We’ll continue to provide updates as the project progresses.

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