San Elijo Hills Front Entry Renovation Project

Association News from The San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA)

Front Entry Renovation Project
The Board has inherited significant challenges regarding trees throughout the community. 
Many trees have reached their capacity to thrive in their current locations or become
problematic due to their proximity to various structures.  The Board has been working tirelessly
to resolve these issues.

The Liquidambar styraciflua (Sweetgum) trees in the concrete cut out boxes in town center, for
example, have been lifting concrete and creating hazards and liability issues. On the bright side,
the Lagerstroemia indica (Crape Myrtle) trees that we’ve been replacing them with are a great
addition to our tree palette, with flowers in the spring, and beautiful fall foliage in autumn, as
well as eliminating those pesky seedpods (aka spikey balls).

One of the areas we are currently working on is the front entry feature. The Pinus canariensis
(Canary Island Pines) that were planted in this area are oversized for the space. Additionally,
the Erythrina caffra (Coral) trees and Populus nigra (Poplar) trees in that same space have very
invasive root systems and are starting to compromise the rock retaining walls in that area. The
elimination of the deciduous trees above and around the pond will alleviate water chemistry
and litter issues that they cause with the pond itself.

Starting Wednesday, September 8th we will begin removing the trees in the front entrance to
our community. This will kick off a renovation project in this area where we plan to accomplish
the following: remove the trees with invasive root systems, renovate the pond feature so that
the water level can be raised without flooding, regrade the area to enhance the visibility of the
pond, plant new trees that have been properly selected for the space, install water-wise plant
material that can be maintained on drip irrigation, install a lighted welcome sign and landscape
lighting to increase the aesthetics of the main entry to our community.

We will be releasing additional details as the project progresses and we have included a
concept plan of what the space will look like once completed. In the meantime, please give
yourself more time Wednesday through Friday (September 8-10) during the tree removal phase
(approximately 8:30 am- 2 pm each day). Our contractor is familiar with the traffic concerns
during commuting hours and will do their best to limit their lane closure to the side of the road
that is opposite traffic.

If you have any questions about this project, please email the San Elijo Hills Community Association (HOA):

Thank you,
Your San Elijo Hills Board of Directors