San Elijo Hills Host Families Needed

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San Elijo Hills host families needed and a great way to raise money for your favorite organization. (Girl Scout troop, school, band, sports teams, exc.)

We are looking for San Elijo Hills families to host Japanese students for one week, March 26- April 2. As you know hosting foreign students is a wonderful cultural exchange experience that often leads to lifelong friendships. There is a compensation of $250 for hosting.
If you refer on behalf of a organization we will donate $100 per house hold that books a student.

This group will be taking English classes at the San Marcos Community Center and that’s where the drop-offs (any time before 9) and pick-ups (any time after 5:30) will be. If there is transportation concerns please let us know. We’re placing the students in pairs, same gender so they may share a room or bed should they choose to do so. (blow-up mattresses are available)


For more information please contact Adina:

Tel: (530) 601-1998 email:

California School of English 28780 Single Oak Drive, Ste 241 Temecula CA 92590


  • How old are the children? Will they be in class everyday or have the weekends off – where we would need to entertain them? Just trying to see if our schedule would work.

  • The children are ages Ten through fifteen. They will be in class or on a field trip 6/7 days. Sunday is a host family day with the student.They are pretty busy during the week, Sunday is a nice day off for them to spend socializing with the host family. Please let us know if you would like more information or their detailed schedule.

  • We would love too, but we have a trip on 3/29. If we can do like 3/28. That will be awesome.

  • Thank you so much for offering 3/26-3/28. Unfortunately, we do need the whole week. However, if you know anyone that might be a good fit, there is a $100 referral.

  • We still need 3 host families.

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