San Elijo Hills Running Club – Dog Run

Woman and dog running on beach at sunset

Please join members of San Elijo Hills Running Club (SEHRC) for a Dog Run or Walk on January 17, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

The Dog Run will start at Questhaven Park, located at the corner of Hollowbrook Court and Questhaven Road in San Marcos.  We will travel by the Garden Trail to the Copper Creek trail and make our way to the San Elijo Hills dog park.  Once there, the dogs can be let off leash, play with one another and drink water.  After a bit, we will make our way back to the start.  Total distance, 2-3 miles.

This is a great run for beginning runners and we welcome runners with or without dogs.  Leashes are required.

The San Elijo Hills Running Club (SEHRC) running club is for people who enjoy running any distance on road, track or dirt. We are here to encourage and educate runners, while having a good time. 


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